tasty treats: heart-shaped red velvet pancakes


red velvet pancakes
I feel as if it’s no coincidence that Pancake Tuesday and Valentine’s day happened to fall within the same week. And if that’s not reason to celebrate with some delectable goods, well I simply don’t know what is. This recipe for heart-shaped red-velvet pancakes just so happens to kill two celebratory birds with one stone. They’re light, they’re fluffy and gosh-darnit they’re adorable! Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Make yourself some festive pancakes why dontcha.

Ps: I picked up my teeny heart-shaped frying pan at the dollar store. Best $2 I think I’ve ever spent. Also? I didn’t use the sweet cream cheese butter mentioned in the recipe. I probably should have because doesn’t that sound amazing? But I had a hankering for some real maple syrup. Also, also? There is NOTHING wrong with making yourself some heart-shaped red velvet pancakes. I did it. And I’ll do it again.

DSC_0063DSC_0083 DSC_0097 DSC_0112 DSC_0116

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21 Responses to “tasty treats: heart-shaped red velvet pancakes”
  1. Lauren says:

    They are super adorable, and look delicious! The Dollar Store is definitely a gem – you never know what you are going to find.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    L. loves to share

    • Jacquelyn says:

      I’ve been so pleased by Dollar Store findings lately! So many hidden gems. The one down the street now sells Lindt chocolate! Danger.

  2. Eleanor says:

    Nothing wrong with it at all! Gosh those are adorable and look so tasty too… :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Elise says:

    I’ve always wanted to try red velvet pancakes. They must taste really good with the cream cheese topping. The heart shape pancake pan is so cute. Thanks for recipe link.

  4. Alyssa says:

    OH my goodness, YUM! You always have the best treats!

  5. Laicie says:

    I love that little pan! So cute… and these look amazing.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Thanks Laicie :) I recently made a fried egg in the pan. Heart shaped eggs taste better than regular eggs, I’m telling you

  6. Oh my goodness! Jason would love me forever if I made these for him.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Do it!! Justin doesn’t have a sweet tooth so I have to win him over with things like nachos and chicken dishes lol. I WISH he’d eat my pancakes!

  7. Those look so good! Don’t you love the fun things you can find at the Dollar Store??

  8. Lejla says:

    Looks good and I bet tastes the same :)


  9. Lindsey says:

    Just came across your blog and I am in heaven! Everything is so gorgeous and the Valentines inspired pancakes look divine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Alexa says:

    Oh yum! Those look so scrumptious! :)

  11. Jaclyn says:

    Those look incredible and I can’t believe you found that cute pan for $1, great find!

    Stay in the Lines

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