scenes from my weekend


DSC_0203DSC_0180a snowy stroll | happiness | pretty things at the Interior Design Show
15,000 rosaries at the Gladstone Hotel | a stack of pancakes at the Drake

Each year I find myself looking forward to this particular weekend. If you haven’t been able to tell from my relatively lame Monday posts these days, for the most part wintry weekends are pretty low key in our household. We typically make it out for brunch, and perhaps the odd movie, but apart from that we tend to stay within the confines of our cozy condo. But this one is a always little different. Not only does the Interior Design show grace us with its presence, but the Gladstone Hotel holds its annual art installation: Come Up To My Room. It’s a weekend filled with art and design and inspiration of the very best kind. It always leaves me feeling incredibly inspired and ready to take on the week ahead. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, art does fabulous things for ones soul.

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19 Responses to “scenes from my weekend”
  1. Eleanor says:

    I love the Gladstone- I’ve stayed there (and at the Drake – yummy breakfasts!) multiple times since moving out of TO. Never been to Come Up To My Room but I always enjoy the art in the hallways and choosing which room I’ll book!

  2. Leigh says:

    Haha! My weekends have been the same. Pretty lazy and laid back and then all of a sudden we had a jamb packed fun weekend! Looks like you had a great one! Were the rosaries part of the interior design event?!?

    • Jacquelyn says:

      They were part of the art exhibit. That room smelt SO good! Each one was handmade from actual rose petals. Insane!

  3. Alyssa says:

    Those pancakes look so yummy. Gorgeous shots, as usual!

  4. Looks like such a lovely weekend!! I wanted to check out Come Up To My Room…but I never made it that far :(

  5. Michelle says:

    That snowy stroll looks beautiful! What a great weekend!

  6. i won’t get that Elle Decor for 3 more weeks…jealous. jealous of the entire weekend actually. i want to be in that tub!!

  7. Alexa says:

    Gorgeous…that art exhibit looks and sounds like it would be a fantastic way to spend the weekend!

  8. Anna-Rosa says:

    Your weekend looks great!

  9. Your Monday posts are never lame! I always enjoy them. And gosh that tub is divine!!!

  10. Wow! That first image is a dream. I would hang that in my home. (you really should sell your photography)

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