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I seriously cannot get enough of this dining room. I’ve found myself going back to it again and again, just to stare inappropriately. As it turns out, it doesn’t take a ton to replicate the look myself. Bonus: this is one of those rooms that will remain completely timeless for years to come.

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10 Responses to “get the look: totally timeless”
  1. Eleanor says:

    I love this room – especially the barely-there dining table (similar to my all-time favourite, the Surface by Established & Sons) and the rug. I think the beautiful modern setting helps a lot, too!

  2. i have seen this room on pinterest too and completely love it. I am just itching to find our dream house and start to decorate. House hunting in Toronto is seriuos work

  3. Christine says:

    That rug (well, both of them) is just incredible.

  4. Love the neutrals against the rug. Love.

  5. Anna @ IHOD says:

    I love these pieces. They fit together in a very natural way:)

  6. Anna says:

    All gorgeous. I love those chairs and want one very badly. I thought about getting one that rocks for the nursery but I’m just not sure it will be quite comfortable enough to snuggle in. That rug would look so good in my house. :)

  7. Yes to all of this! What a perfect dining room.

  8. Lindsey says:

    I love the rug you chose in your design. Gorgeous.

  9. paula says:

    If I could have more than one home then this space would most definitely make an appearance! Gorgeous!

  10. It reminds me of your dining room!!!!!!!

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