tasty treats: raspberry pistachio cake.

On Christmas eve, my mother put me in charge of dessert. When I found this recipe for raspberry pistachio cake (with mascarpone icing) I knew it was the one. Not only was it red, white and green (appropriately festive), the results had just the right amount of sweetness and lightness to make it the perfect addition to an otherwise heavy meal. My family collectively agreed that it was a sophisticated dessert, necessary for those days when you just want to feel a little bit fancier.

Note: I used Chambord, a raspberry liquor, where the recipe called for raspberry extract.

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30 Responses to “tasty treats: raspberry pistachio cake.”
  1. MIommy says:

    This cake was absolutely perfect!!

  2. hautecanada says:

    I think you’re the new Martha Stewart!

  3. lifevesting says:

    This looks absolutely delicious and I love the addition of the Chambord!

  4. Molly says:

    this is SO gorgeous – my mouth is watering…

  5. That is so beautiful! Though, I feel sorry for those who get a slice from the undecorated side – though it is a very good effect :D

  6. Very very pretty and so is the cake stand I am coveting :-)

  7. Suzanne says:

    I love the way you decorated the top. It photographs so pretty!

  8. Alexa says:

    Looks delicious and beautiful! Great job and wish I was there on Christmas Eve to try a bite.

  9. Lauren says:

    This might just be the best looking dessert you’ve ever done – amazing!

  10. Shoko says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I need to try this, but I doubt I’d be able to get it to look so good :)

  11. yum!! ok this is getting added to my “to try” list for sure. I love everthing in this cake, raspberries, pistachios and chambord! yum!

  12. J, this is a beautiful cake! The garnish on the top is especially pretty. Well done indeed!

  13. the Jilb says:

    Yum! That looks fabulous!

  14. Robin says:

    Wow! You have some serious skills!

  15. Kathy says:

    That is one absolutely beautiful cake!

  16. tinajo says:


    first time here (through The short and the sweet of it) – you have a lovely blog and I´ll be back! :-)

  17. Johanna says:

    This is absolutely fabulous. I am so glad I found you from Alexa!!

  18. You had me at Chambord!

  19. Andrea says:

    How beautiful! Come winter, I will be making this.

    Andrea x

  20. There are no shortage of pretty desserts out there in the blogosphere, but its rare that one makes me gasp – this is pure gorgeousness! I think I love it so much because the decoration isn’t fondant or another human made thing – its just 2 colorful, natural ingredients contrasting and showing each other off beautifully. I am never one to volunteer to make a cake for friends’ birthdays, but now I’m looking at my list to see who is next so that I can make this and show it off! And any excuse to use my new KitchenAid mixer is welcome. :) Thanks for sharing!

  21. Beautiful cake. Love your site!

    : ))

  22. Gul says:

    This cake looks AMAZING! I am going to attempt to make it tomorrow. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it’ll turn out well :)Thank you for sharing, you’re a STAR :)

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