rue number two.

images found via Rue Mag

If you have yet to be informed, Rue’s second issue was launched yesterday morning! I spent far too much time than I’d care to admit perusing through it last night. These girls are seriously talented.

Above are a few of my favourite shots from this months issue. If it isn’t obvious, I had a hard time narrowing it down; so please mind the bombardment of pictures. If you feel so inclined, take a look for yourself here. Oh, and if any of you know who sings this song, please let me know. And, because free things are awesome, head here for some of your own!

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5 Responses to “rue number two.”
  1. Amanda says:

    Hey… Marshmellow World is by Darlene Love… it’s on YouTube. The beginning sounds a little bit different but once the she starts singing, it’s the same version! Such a cheery Christmas song :)

  2. JEN RAMOS says:

    I have to say i liked this issue much better than the last…. :)))))))

  3. Ashley says:

    So glad you loved the magazine. Thanks for spreading the word on Rue!
    Enjoy your holiday season.

    The Rue Team

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