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Pumpkin Pie Almonds


Hi Lark & Linen readers, this is Chloe from Boxwood Avenue back visiting with an easy fall recipe that makes for the perfect hostess gift!

I live on a cattle ranch in northern California where my husband works as the fifth generation to run his family’s business. Since moving, I have learned so much about food, where our food comes from, and the people that grow it. We have a farm in Sacramento, California where we grow tomatoes, sunflowers, alfalfa, wheat, and many other crops. We have stayed away from growing almonds because they require a massive amount of water to produce, and as you may know, water is a hot commodity. But, that hasn’t stopped me from becoming an almond addict! Continue Reading

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Old Meets New in Notting Hill

blakes-15-4-161400While there’s no question I’ve fallen in love with many a home tour in my time, I have to admit that it’s been quite a while since there was a project that has stopped me dead in my tracks. But when I stumbled on this incredible magic from Blakes London, it was all I could do to not creepily stare. From that incredible, almost brutalist, marble island, set against the ornate custom cabinets… Continue Reading

Free Desktop Wallpaper

Be Present

A free monthly desktop wallpaper brought to you by the crazy talented Saffron Avenue. Enjoy! xo


Happy October friends! Angela here from Saffron Avenue bringing you a new desktop wallpaper! I always feel the urge to get outside with my family in and around this time, to really take advantage of the last of the warm breezes before snow hits us. And really, what better time to be present. I’ve created a pretty, free, desktop wallpaper for both your computer and your phone. Feel free to grab one of them below! Continue Reading

Personal Posts Scenes from my Week

Scenes from my Week

I inherited my grandmother’s fine china a few years ago, while she was still well. Although I was thrilled by the thought, the enormity of this incredible gift never really occurred to me at the time. With little space in our condo, we tucked the boxes safely in my mom’s basement until I had the square footage to reclaim them. Now that we have our own home, and will be hosting Thanksgiving for our first time this weekend, it felt like the right time to unearth them. Sifting through the boxes the other morning, just a few months after my grandmother’s passing, was the most touching experience… Continue Reading


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