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Bright White


As we round the corner on phase 1 of our own renovations, I have to admit that I’m terribly jealous of all of those glorious spaces that are 100% complete. While I’m absolutely thrilled with how our second floor is coming together, the main floor still needs all kinds of help. And while we have big plans coming to fruition down there, we’re still a ways away from logistically being able to pull the trigger… Continue Reading

12 Tips Interior Design Tips & Tricks

My Favourite Pink Paint Colours

In my world, there’s no denying that a hint of blush is a really wonderful thing. I mean, it’s practically my signature colour at this point. But it’s one of those hues that’s inherently hard to work with when it comes to interior design. It can quickly go from subtle to saccharine, and I’m willing to bet that most of us aren’t into a room reminiscent of pepto bismol. When in doubt, Continue Reading

Recipes Tasty Treats To Sip On

Rose Latte

rose latte_1Though we don’t typically do much for Valentine’s day around here (read: champagne and pizza is usually our M.O. and I’m all for it), I can’t help but like to celebrate in little ways throughout the month. And this rose latte, which includes just the subtlest nod to the big day, is doing this trick as of late. It’s subtly floral, gently sweetened, and has made for the perfect hot bevvy to sip on before beginning my day.  Continue Reading


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