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S’mores Skillet Brownies


You know that conflicting feeling when you’re incredibly sad to see summer already gone but also intensely excited at the promise of fall’s arrival? That’s where I am right now.

Where does my loyalty lie? Can fresh stone fruit and pumpkin spice share the space in my heart that’s reserved for my most adored ingredients? Can I love them equally, but not exclusively? As a devotee of seasonal baking, these are the things that sometimes keep me up at night. Continue Reading

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Four Things You Should Always Do Before Renovating Your Home

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As a licensed interior designer, a massive part of my job is simply educating people on exactly how the process works when it comes to renovating their homes. I know all too well that the whole thing can feel incredibly daunting, and while I hate for anyone to feel stress in any form, I love that I’m able to provide my clients with a sense of peace and relief, knowing that I’m able to seamlessly walk them through the process to the best of my ability. All too often I see folks making major mistakes (including possibly voiding any home warranties they may have) and thought it’d be helpful to share a few key steps to ensure you tackle your home renovations correctly. Continue Reading

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A Modern Victorian Dream Home

marble white kitchen


I’m calling it now. Australia has the most beautiful houses around. This isn’t the first Sydney based home I’ve featured over the years, and I’m certain that it won’t be the last. Because, apparently, they just know beauty down under. And if this gorgeous modern victorian, that has recently undergone a full blown facelift, is of any indication, I think I’m onto something here. Continue Reading

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48 Hours of Bliss in Lagos, Portugal


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{Praia Dona Ana Beach}

Knowing full well that our time in Lisbon would be filled to the brim with activity (you can read about that here and here if you’d like), Justin and I intentionally planned a do absolutely nothing portion of our trip – which I will most certainly be sure to schedule into each and every vacation going forward. Enter: Lagos. Just a short train ride away from Lisbon, it’s a tiny, little beach town in the Algarve, and it gave us absolutely everything we needed in every sense of the word. 

Continue Reading

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Dark Chocolate Banana Popsicles with Sea Salt & Toasted Almonds

Dark Chocolate Almond Banana Popsicles

While I haven’t been enrolled in school for over a decade now (yikes!!), in my mind Labour day weekend will always and forever mark a new beginning. A fresh start, and a new year, if you will. And while we’re technically still a few weeks away from fall, I’m starting to feel that all too familiar back-to-school, fall-like feels, beginning to creep in. The mornings are crisp, the tea consumption is high, and I’m admittedly getting excited at the whole ordeal. Continue Reading


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