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Soft & Pretty in Illinois

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This isn’t the first time I’ve posted one of Kate’s projects, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Because when a home is this pretty? It simply deserves to be shared. It’s effortless beauty in every sense of the word, and I will most certainly be using a few of these pieces as jumping off points for projects of my own going forward. Enjoy! Continue Reading

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My Dream Laundry Room Design (+ a $2,000 Value Giveaway)

laundry room goalsSHOP THE LOOK:

I recently joked on Instagram (here) that I’m not sure when my laundry room lusting first began, but I’m fairly confident that it marked my official foray into adulthood. Although I can’t exactly remember a time when I didn’t drool over a beautifully designed laundry room, it’s only since we purchased our first home (and have one of our own to speak of) that the obsession really and truly began. Ours is currently located in our unfinished basement and, while we’re still a little ways away from pulling the trigger on our own laundry reno, I secretly can’t wait for the transformation. And with National Laundry Day coming up on April 15th, it only seemed fitting to chat about said space today.   Continue Reading

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An Exciting Announcement

Cozy living room

While I’ve gotten much better at saying no to things that simply don’t suit me (and not feeling guilty about it), every once in a while an opportunity arises and, though timing may not exactly be perfect, it’s simply too good to pass up. I’m not sure if this is the worst decision I’ve ever made for myself, or potentially the very best, but I’m erring on the side of the latter because – you know – eternal optimist and all that jazz. Continue Reading

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6,000 Square Foot Modern Farmhouse



While we’re still at least a year away from our own kitchen renovation, I have to admit that I’ve slowly been designing the space in my mind since the minute we moved in. I have an entire secret kitchen mood board tucked in my Pinterest account, and it’s no surprise that this baby made it front and centre. Continue Reading


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