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A Centuries Old Home gets Some Serious Love


It has always been a dream of mine to purchase a historical home in need of some love, and painstakingly restore it back to it’s original beauty. So imagine the heart-eyes that ensued when I first laid eyes on this historical beaut. Built in 1804, textile designer Chanee Vijay, and her husband, did just that when they purchased this home back in 2012 with one mission: renovating it from the ground up. Continue Reading


Bonne O Giveaway

Infused water

Remember my fabulously delicious bruléed cocktail recipe from last week? Well that bad boy is going to be a whooooole lot easier for you to whip together once you get your hands on the Bonne O I’m about to give away. Much like the aforementioned cocktail, it essentially sparkles anything and everything you can think of. Fancy infused water? Check. Iced tea? Check. Manhattans? Rhubarb Mojitos? Sangria? Yup. Them too… Continue Reading

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Scenes from my Week

Coffee table styling

{a moment of silence for this marble table}

This week I wrapped up a really wonderful project, and while I’m secretly sad that this one’s over, I’m surprisingly pumped over how it all came together. I didn’t really blog about it, admittedly because I wasn’t entirely sure if it would feel on brand (which is an essential component to a budding business), but now that it’s finished I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t… Continue Reading