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Grapefruit Curd Tarts + Chamomile Whipped Cream


Hi there, Lark & Linen readers! Katie from Butterlust here, back to share another sweet treat with your beautiful faces. Today, we’re celebrating winter citrus. Whether you’re stuck under a pile of snow (like Jacquelyn and Sage), or sporting a tank top and wondering when February ended and summer began (like yours truly), the bright, refreshing colors and flavors of winter citrus are a seasonal indulgence to be taken advantage of. Continue Reading

#ProjectLarkandLinen Interior Design

#ProjectLarkandLinen: Our Master Bedroom Plans


You may have seen a sneak peek or two on my Instagram stories as of late (I’m quickly realizing I have no self control, and that secrets are NOT my friend). But if not, I thought it’d be fun to share the plans for our master bedroom renovation. Justin and his dad have been working tirelessly since we moved in to transform that space, and we’re so close to the finish line that I can literally taste it – and they joy is unparalleled. 

Though I adore the fact that our home was built in 1898, it does mean that it comes with a few bruises. The crooked floors and cracked plaster are all fine and dandy, but the lack of closet space has quickly proven to be challenging. I’m now convinced that folks from 100+ years ago simply walked around naked. It’s the only logical answer. Continue Reading

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Those Coastal Vibes

glorious kitchen
Every once in a while I find myself in a bit of an inspiration rut. There’s no question that there are an infinite number of incredible home tours that exist out there, but lately I’ve been feeling less than inspired by many of the ones that I’ve stumbled upon. Whether it’s a wall colour that just doesn’t feel quite right, or a drapery panel that’s hovering a little too high for my liking, I’ve been extra nit-picky as of late… Continue Reading


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