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While my taste in design naturally ebbs and flows depending on multiple factors  (my mood, the season, my stress levels…), the purchase of our own Victorian home has definitely encouraged my love for spaces of a more ornate nature. And while the whole traditional design thing oftentimes holds a bit of a stigma, I’m here to prove that traditional most definitely doesn’t need to equate to stuffy. Continue Reading

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The Start of Our Smart Home Journey

smart home_1In light of full discretion, I’ve never much been the tecchy type. Though I’ve since upgraded, I lived happily with an iPhone 4 for longer than I’ll ever admit, and always shied away from anything with too many bells or whistles. Keep it simple was always the name of my game, and while that still rings true in many aspects of my life, I’ve recently realized that transforming our home into a smart home is the simplest answer. Yup. We’ve begun to climb down the rabbit hole and it’s its own kind of glorious. Continue Reading

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Interior Design Studio Tour – AKA Life Goals

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I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been unabashedly stalking following the Urban Grace Interiors  journey since the beginning. I mean, Erika has talent seeping out of every orifice, and it’s been a pleasure to watch her business grow leaps and bounds from when I first tuned in.

When she announced that she was designing her new studio, I began unapologetically stalking her Instagram feed as I knew the results would be outstanding.

Continue Reading

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Blogs I Still Read Daily


I’ve officially been a part of the blogging landscape for seven years now, which is absolutely batty when I put it into words. I vividly remember those early days. The ones where I’d spend hours upon hours of time pouring over posts that other folks were churning out. When Pinterest wasn’t a thought in Ben Silbermann’s mind, social media wasn’t a thing you needed to concern yourself with, and you knew you had made it when your name popped up in a top blogger’s blogroll. The blog roll! Does anyone else remember the blog roll? Continue Reading


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