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In reality, it’s more likely than not that it’s going to be another couple of years before we renovate our kitchen. And while I’ve totally, 100%, come to terms with that fact, I can’t help but daydream about exactly what it’d look like. I find myself perusing my Kitchen board on Pinterest (here) more often than I care to admit, and am truly pumped about the day that it becomes our reality. Until then, I’ll just lust over the abundance of beauties that exist out there, like this one. (Oh, and the rest of the home is pretty insane, too.)  Continue Reading

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With our trip to Europe just two short weeks away, lately I’ve been on the hunt for casual basics to step up my wardrobe game. I started with these linen pants, which will be perfect for our overnight flight (and subsequent 8 hour stopover in Paris), and unintentionally opened pandoras box of striped goodness. Continue Reading

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Truth be told, between house hunting, packing, renovating and moving last summer Justin and I both agreed that we didn’t really GET a summer. And now that all of the madness is mostly behind us, I feel as if we have some lost time to make up for this year. We headed up to the cottage for the long weekend last weekend, which felt all the sweeter since it wasn’t something we did much of last year. We spent the vast majority of our weekend Continue Reading

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Please Help!

lisbon portugal
After taking stock of my wardrobe situation I realized that I’m in desperate need of a few new pieces for our upcoming trip to Portugal. And while I went on a major internet shopping spree (you can check out some of the things I picked up below if you’d like), I realized that it’s about as prepared as I’ve been thus far. With just a couple short weeks before we depart, I’ve yet to do any research on where to go, what to see, where to eat, and what’s absolutely not to miss in Lisbon, Sintra, and Lagos. Continue Reading

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Summer Ready: Our Outdoor Oasis

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Before we purchased our home, there were three things that I always dreamed about when I thought about home ownership. One: the ability to paint or re-tile at my own discretion – without having to ask permission (!!). Two: trying my hand at cultivating an epic herb garden (I swear we spend a small fortune buying fresh herbs at the grocery store each week). And last but most certainly not least, the ability to spend a Friday night enjoying cocktails, fireside, with friends, family and twinkly lights in our very own backyard. Continue Reading


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