Inspiration: The Beach


In just over a week, my entire family (60 of us in total!!) will be headed to Mexico to celebrate my cousins upcoming nuptials. Excited doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it. Though I’ve done my fair share of travelling, I don’t remember the last time I simply plunked myself on a beach, mai tai in hand, and called it a day. With this in mind, I’ve had a bit of a one track mind as of late. I find myself daydreaming of beaches, and if our future temporary home is half as lovely as these guys I’m going to be one VERY satisfied customer. 

Happy weekend friends!

Bali Beach California Beach Turcs & Caicos Crete Greece


1. via
They All Hate Us | 2. Bali via Style Me Pretty Living, Photographed: Love Is My Favorite Color | 3. San Clemente, California via Matity | 4. Turks & Caicos via Style Me Pretty, Photographed: Lindsay Madden Photography | 5. Crete, Greece via All Things Europe

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Tutorial: Editing Your Photos

Bar none, the number one question I get asked around here is “why are you so pretty?” No. Terrible joke (I know). It’s “how do you edit your photos?” This question pops up in my inbox, on Facebook and even, on occasion, over Twitter almost every other day. I’ve always been slightly reluctant to share my steps because it’s honestly so ridiculously easy, and I’m a part-photo editing thief (I’ll get to that part later!) I’ve come a long way since my last photo tutorial (I cringe at the yellow undertones of those photos) and thought it was high time for an update. It should be noted that I am definitely (emphasis on definitely) no expert, and I’ll claim to be one as such. BUT I am quite happy with how my photos have been turning out as of late, so here goes!

So I use Photoshop CS5 for all of my photo editing. If you don’t have Photoshop, I highly recommend you get it. It’s well worth the investment if you’re hoping to get serious about blogging (that isn’t to say that there aren’t other fab programs out there, I just don’t really have a ton of knowledge on them at this point!) So here’s a solid before picture from my recent trip to the Amalfi Coast. Pretty (I mean, it always helps to have a good subject matter), but kind of flat and sad.

::STEP No. 1::

With your image open in Photoshop, click image > auto-tone. The results should look something like the above. It doesn’t ALWAYS work – sometimes it makes the colours look all wonky, but for the most part this is my first step. If auto-tone doesn’t look right, I usually head into image > adjustments > brightness/contrast and play around until the photo gets a little more, um, “poppy” (for lack of a better word – it should be noted that I am sick to death of such a word).

3-wish-wish-wish::STEP No. 2::

This is the step in which I become a photo-editing thief. I downloaded Wish Wish Wish’s photoshop actions (right here) some time ago and have used it a million and a half times since. I’m totally obsessed.

Once you’ve downloaded it, click window > actions > wishwishone (the only one out of the three that I use) > and then push the little play (triangle) at the bottom right of the actions pop-up. The results should look like they do above – crazy vivid, saturated and vibrant.

4-pink::STEP No. 3::

I’m really into “soft and pretty” type photos these days (I happily blame my exposure to them at SMP Living). So I like to take it up a notch and add a pretty pink filter. To do that:

:: Create a new layer (make sure the layer is at the very top of your layer palette like so)
:: Using the bucket tool, colour the entirety of your photo in solid pink (I use #fee5f3)
:: Change the opacity of the pink layer to 50%
:: In the drop-down menu in your layers palette, click on the “soft light” overlay

::STEP No. 4::

Lastly, I add a soft grey layer to tone everything down just a touch. To do so:

:: Add another layer on top of your pink layer
:: Using the bucket tool, colour the layer entirely in the light grey of your choice (I use #e4e4e4)
:: Change the opacity of the layer to 35%
:: Using the drop down menu in your layers palette, select the “soft light” overlay

Let me know if you have any questions at all in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer them! And if I don’t know, I’ll try my darndest to figure it out for you ;)
All images original to lark & linen

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Positano, The Amalfi Coast part IV

positano_1Ah, Positano… How can I find the words to describe this magical place? We were only here for a day, but I could have happily spent the entire week. Though quite touristy, the beautiful sites make up for the crowds.

At this point in the week, we were pretty exhausted from it all so we really didn’t accomplish anything major. We walked through the windy streets, we sat on the beach, and we made sure to enjoy a drink and a snack at a beachside restaurant. We also managed to find quite a few souvenirs at random little shops (if you do make your way there, check out Nadir. It’s where I picked up these bowls and it was definitely one of the best shops we found on the coast!)

Before making our way back to Maiori at the end of the day, we decided to stop at the Champagne Bar at Le Sirenuse. A single drink was essentially more than any other entree we purchased the duration of the trip, so we only stayed for one, but the million dollar views are absolutely unbeatable. I highly recommend this teeny tiny detour as you make your way back up to the bus stop.

positano_2 positano_3 positano_4 positano_5 positano_6 positano_7 positano_8 positano_10positano_9 positano_11 positano_12See: Part I Part II | Part III | Part V

all images original to lark & linen

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Pompeii, The Amalfi Coast Part III


Next up is the incredibly interesting city of Pompeii. Situated just outside of Naples, it’s a bit of a trek from Amalfi but the journey is well worth it. Pompeii is a city that has intrigued me since my highschool best friends visited almost 10 years ago, and I’m glad I finally got to check it off of my ever growing bucket list.

It is possible to get to Pompeii from the Amalfi Coast via public transit, but logistically it’s a bit of a nightmare. I think we worked out that we’d have to take 2 trains and 2 buses and hope that they all arrived on schedule so we didn’t miss a beat. That being said, though I’m usually anti-tour (I hate being on someone else’s schedule. Maybe I’m a control freak. Maybe.) we did one for this leg of the trip and I think it was a wise choice. If you don’t do a full day tour, I definitely recommend hiring a guide simply to help you tour the ruins. Our guide was incredible – a serious wealth of knowledge. Per her job description, she taught us things we NEVER would have known on our own*, many things we would have completely missed**, which made the experience that much more enriching.

Having been completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the year 79 AD, and only recently discovered (and by “recently” I mean around 250 years ago), the entire Roman city had been almost perfectly preserved under layers upon layers of volcanic ash and pumice. Mosaic flooring perfectly intact, human bodies remain in the exact position they were in at the time of their death, entire buildings still standing… It’s pretty unbelievable to say the least. It gave us a very accurate insight into how people lived so long ago.

That afternoon, we headed out to climb Mout Vesuvius (the very volcano that destroyed Pompeii almost 2000 years ago). It’s still active, and is known as the most deadly volcano in all of Europe. It’s a quick but intense climb (around 30 minutes up a steep incline), but the views are well worth it. Plus? There’s a shop that serves beer and wine at the top (knowing this helped propel us during those last few minutes, I’m not going to lie). Drinking beer & wine on top of a volcano is kind of thrilling, if you ask me.

pompeii_2 DSC_0416 pompeii_4 pompeii_5DSC_0396 pompeii_6 pompeii_7 pompeii_8DSC_0390 pompeii_9 pompeii_10 pompeii_11 pompeii_12 pompeii_13
*As we walked through what was once the brothel, our guide pointed out faint fresco’s painted above the doorway leading into each room. We were told that each fresco was a representation of a different sexual position. Because many of the prostitutes at the time were slaves and, as a result, didn’t speak the native language, the fresco’s were used so that the men could point and communicate which, um, positions they preferred.

** There were penises carved into the ground throughout the town that would guide you to the location of the brothel. This way, men didn’t need to feel embarrassed while asking for directions. They literally simply had to follow the “signs”. Who knew!

See: Part I Part II | Part IV Part V

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The Amalfi Coast

Alas! The time has come to share my Amalfi Coast photos. I feel like I spent HOURS editing them (yeah, I had over 1000) but I’m ridiculously excited about how they turned out. This magical land is so beautiful that I was asked to post them on Style Me Pretty Living. And you KNOW we only showcase the prettiest of the pretty over there (you can now consider me beyond flattered). I feel like I’ve been leaving you all hanging forever, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer as they’re going up today at 2pm EST! In the meantime, we’re talking all things Amalfi Coast as we cover a few of my what-to-pack essentials and a delicious recipe that I seriously can’t get enough of. And? I’m dedicating all next week to breaking down each and every town we visited paired with a little explanation on how we spent our time (just in case any of you are planning any Italian excursions anytime soon). Stay tuned!

UPDATE: They’re up!

lineall images original to lark & linen

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I’m back!

DSC_0767I’m back from what can only be described as the prettiest 7 days in the entire world. The Amalfi Coast was beyond what I could have ever imagined and I’m excited to share our adventures with you shortly! We returned home late Saturday evening after an eighteen hour journey and I’m not going to lie, I’m still a little wiped out. The thought of going through and editing over a thousand pictures is currently overwhelming me, but I promise to make it a priority in the coming days! In the meantime, here’s a quick little sneak peek of our incredible Italian vacation.


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Lovely & Unrelated

lovely-and-unrelatedClockwise from top left: Jose Villa | Drizzle & Dip | Jose Villa | Kurt Boomer

Simply ending the week on a pretty note – because sometimes, all you need is a little eye candy. Happy weekend you guys!

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spring has sprung


I can’t even begin to tell you how enamored I am with this shoot from the newest Kinfolk magazine. It’s weird in the best kind of way. It simply embodies my feelings surrounding upcoming seasons and has instantly given me that kick in the pants to will winter out the door. Spring, I am so ready for you!

59660011_v1_web59750005_v1_web159700004_v1_web 59760016_v1_web59630011_v1_websource & photography | Kinfolk

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galway & the cliffs of moher, ireland

We couldn’t leave Ireland without experiencing some of the countryside it has to offer. One day, just before heading home, both Jess and Ian had to head into work which left Justin and I alone to explore. Having wanted to experience The Cliffs of Moher for longer than I can remember, we opted to take a day trip out that way. The drive up was absolutely outstanding; exactly what you’d imagine when envisioning the Irish countryside. At one point we passed a herd of wild miniature horses running through a field and I began to question whether or not the entire journey was even real.

The morning was bright and sunny but in true Ireland form the skies opened up and poured down on us just as we arrived cliff side (of course it waited for us to get far enough away from any form of shelter before hitting torrential downpour status). Though we were soaked through and through, there was very little that could get our spirits down at that point. One of the natural wonders of the world, the cliffs are simply one of those things you have to see to understand. Their grandeur and beauty is difficult to explain in words.

We took a different route home, driving alongside the Galway bay and stopping briefly to take in The Burren Landscape. With a few hours before we needed to head back to Dublin, we made a brief stop in Galway. A small bohemian town, it’s here you’ll find residents littered with talent. Artists, musicians, singers and the like, three hours was not enough to take it all in. I definitely want to make a point to spend more time here in the future.
All in all, an exceptional two weeks.

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Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

As mentioned, the primary reason behind this particular trip was so that Justin and I could visit our friends who currently reside in Dublin. We had a fabulous time and  Jess and Ian proved to be fantastic hosts.

Though we spent the majority of the week in Dublin, enjoying the company of our friends, we did manage to head out for two day-trips throughout the week. The first  consisted of a quick ride on the Dart to the cute little town of Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun-Leery – don’t ask me how. Crazy Gaelic language!) Both Jess and Ian are (fabulous) chefs and I won’t lie, our primary reasoning behind this mini-trip was to take in the food market that takes over the park every Sunday. We gorged on fantastic food, walked the old Victorian pier, and treated ourselves to ten minute chair massages for $5 in a nearby tent (best idea all week, let me tell you). It was the perfect start to our Irish adventure.

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oban, scotland

After we left Stirling, we made our way west to our last stop: Oban. To be honest, this is the portion of the trip I had been looking forward to the most while in the planning process and it did not disappoint. The route takes you through the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park as well as the Argyll Forest which are both incredibly stunning. Three hours of bright green rolling hills, lochs, highland cows (my new favourite animal) and sheep in every other direction. Basically exactly what you’d imagine Scotland to resemble.

We arrived in Oban on Thursday evening, pleasantly surprised at where we were terminating the Scottish portion of our vacation. As a little fisherman’s town right on the coast, it’s here you’ll find some of the best fish and chips in the country. We ended up staying at Heatherfield House,  a sweet little bed and breakfast that I could not recommend more. Gary and Sues home was so well-appointed that they could have given Martha Stewart a run for her money. Our room was impeccable, beautifully decorated in soft shades of grey and yellow, with views of the ocean to boot. Our bathtub had a row of rubber ducks to greet us, their soaps and shampoos had come from a local organic supplier and we found chocolate bars tucked into our robes upon arrival. Not to mention the grounds lined with chickens, providing us farm fresh eggs for breakfast each morning. I’m telling you, a dream.

Though we stayed for two nights, we only had one full day to explore the small town. We decided to take the ferry over to the Isle of Mull to check out the Donegan castle and take in the area by boat. In addition to our mini day trip, not being a scotch drinker myself, I did accompany Justin on the Oban Scotch distillery tour, which ended up being a lot of fun. Naturally, we topped off the day enjoying (the freshest) fish and chips in a little pine cottage overlooking the harbour. Yes, Scotland was good to us.


As a total aside, I realize that these travel posts aren’t usually my standard material. Are you guys getting sick of reading about these journeys yet? I was going to come back next week and share a few posts on Ireland but I wanted to make sure it’s something you guys are interested in! I absolutely adore sharing these things as it’s a nice recount for my own personal memories, but I understand that lots of you come here for the interior design portion of my program. A show of hands and I’ll gladly continue!

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stirling, scotland

Admittedly, both Justin and I were just a little disappointed when we arrived in Stirling. Though there’s no denying the city had its own particular charm, we both felt it paled in comparison to Edinburgh and St. Andrews. We may have been quick to judge considering we were barely there for twenty-four hours, however we both agreed it lacked the familiar vibe that emanated through the previous two cities. We felt Stirling Castle was too pristine, too restored and re-touched, and each and every pub and restaurant was filled to the brim with tourists. While travelling, we like to make a point of trying to find a local watering hole just off the beaten path. It’s possible that we were simply missing the mark that day, but we just couldn’t seem to track anything suitable down!

That being said we, of course, still managed to enjoy our limited time in Stirling. Our hotel was located just steps away from the castle, with views of rolling hills for miles when we awoke in the morning. Built in 1787, it was originally intended as an all-boys school which has since been converted into rooms to rest ones weary head. If you did want to experience this city for yourself, I would definitely recommend this spot as a place to crash.

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st. andrews, scotland

One thing that had always been on my (laughably long) bucket list was to take a road trip through Scotland. So that’s just what we did.

We rented a car for four jam-packed days in an effort to see as much of the country as possible. What with Justin being an avid golfer, our first stop was naturally the town of St. Andrews where the game was essentially invented. While doing our research we realized that to golf The Old Course (which has been in use for 600 years) you had two options: book your round a year in advance, or show up solo, cross your fingers and hope that a trio will allow you to tag along on their round. Having friends who have, in the past, attempted the latter unsuccessfully, we were not entirely hopeful. We knew that if all else failed there would be a seaside town in which we’d be to able explore for a day. Not a bad deal, really.

Alas, the stars aligned or the gods shined down or something of the sort and Justin got on the course a mere hour after we arrived. This, in return, meant that I was left with ample time to spend at my leisure. I perused the town, treated myself to ice cream, drank tea on the beach (what? it was cold!) and hit up both the St. Andrews Castle ruins and The Cathedral before heading back. There was something magical about being completely disconnected from absolutely everyone and everything, simply touring a foreign place entirely on my own. It’s an activity I will definitely attempt on any and all future trips.

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edinburgh, scotland

the Royal Mile |Holyrood Palace Gardens | Holyrood Abbey
amazing old buildings/architecture | hiking Arthur’s Seat
sneaking kisses | an adorable pub

Both Scotland and Ireland are places that, while I’ve always been intrigued by, have never been high on my must-visit list. When my best friend relocated to Ireland with her boyfriend some time ago, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to plan a trip out for a visit (and tack on Scotland for the ultimate getaway). With that being our primary reasoning behind this particular voyage, I was shocked at how much I adored both countries and would now easily move them to the top of that list.

The first leg of our trip brought us to Edinburgh where we spent three glorious days doing all of the typical touristy activities (Edinburgh castle, hiking Arthur’s Seat, touring Holyrood Palace and maybe a pub hop or two). Justin and I both fell head over heels in love with this particular city from the get go and, one evening over a pint of Guinness, spoke at length at how we could realistically relocate there for a year. It’s one of those magical cities that manages to combine the past and the present in a seamless manner. We ate like kings (celebrating our anniversary at The Honours, and treating ourselves to an incredible three course lunch at the Grain Store) and cannot wait to make our way back to explore what we didn’t manage to see. Three days was absolutely not enough and I do see it being a part of my future in one way or another.

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spotlight: Emily Johnston


If there’s one thing that is getting me in the autumn spirit it’s these moody spaces photographed by Emily Johnston. Just LOOK at all that talent! It’s making my eyes all kinds of happy.

Have a wonderful weekend sunshines!

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all is calm, all is bright.

one | two | three | four

I want to thank each and every one of you for the love, encouragement and support you’ve all shown me throughout the last year. It’s been a whirlwind and I feel so lucky to have gotten to know so many of you. I wish you all a very very merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and everything in between. I’ll be taking a few days off next week to curl up with my friends and family but I’ll be back in the new year with lots more to share.

Love and flannel pyjamas,

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friday favourites.

found here

Happy weekend my loves!

Here are a few of my favourite things I stumbled upon this week
::the prettiest cloud cookie tutorial
::I kind of need this wallpaper in my life
::the most amazing guide to NYC
::now this is some camping I could get on board with
::I absolutely love this concept 

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laure joliet.

found here

When I first came across Laure Joliet’s photography portfolio I knew it was something that needed to be shared. Of course it helps that her subjects are easy on the eye, but there’s no question that she has a refreshing style. As we near the end of a ridiculously busy and somewhat stressful week (starting a new job is exhausting!), I find myself dreaming of serene spaces just like these.

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wanderings: morocco.

Ever since returning from India (check out the details on that trip here), I’ve been hit with the travel bug. Hard. It’s taking all of my might to not pack up and leave to some exotic place once more. At this moment in time, it’s unfortunately not a possibility for me. However, it just so happens that my cousin is away in Morocco. The girl keeps sending me these incredible pictures that leave my jaw agape and I just needed to share the beauty of such a wonderful place with you. If I can’t travel myself at this moment, I can at least attempt to live vicariously through her.

ps: how awesome is her hair? Sometimes I send her creepy messages telling her I just want to touch it. Sometimes. AND now that you think I’m sufficiently weird, I am off!

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india part III: jodhpur & ranakpur.

{piles of the most incredible fabric}{the mehrangarh fort}{the blue city}{the market}{the clock tower}
{ranakpur’s jain temple}

Next up on our whirlwind tour of India was Jodhpur, the blue city. We barely had a full day to see it, so we made the most of it that we could.

On our way to visit the Mehrangarh fort, we stopped in at what we thought was a small antique store. We quickly realized that we had stumbled upon a gold mine. Eight stories of the most lust-worthy fabrics, shawls, scarves and blankets that you’ve ever seen. (It turned out that we had found the manufacturer for many of Luis Vuitton and Hermes’ products – of course my aunt would find such a place. She has a nose for these things). Much to my cousins dismay, us girls spent far too much time selecting the items that needed to make their way into our homes. I ended up purchasing a handful of pashminas and an incredible hand embroidered bedspread that would surely cost an arm and a leg had it been purchased here (note: it was $50. I feel guilty for paying so little).

After touring the (quite spectacular) fort (which still had many dents in the stone walls from where canons had tried to penetrate years ago), we rented a car and hired a driver to take us to Ranakpur. Hiring a driver sounds so fancy, but really, it’s the norm in India and it’s actually extremely cost-effective (like $40 between 4 people for a six-hour drive kinda cost-effective). Never in my life would I ever attempt to navigate through the traffic and intensity of driving in India. The drives themselves almost deserve their own post!

Initially we had intended on heading straight from Jodhpur to Udaipur, but after talking to a handful of locals, we were convinced we had to stop halfway to see a Jain temple in Ranakpur, a sight unbeknownst to many. While the Taj Mahal was overwhelming and did every bit of justice to the hype surrounding it, I truly believe it’s safe to say that it didn’t hold a candle to this temple. Imagine 1,444 two to three story white marble columns holding up turrets and domes and the like for as far as the eye can see. Each and every column intricately carved with the tiniest little detail, and each being drastically different from the next. Every visible remaining surface equally beautiful, equally intricate and meticulously carved. I feel confident when I say that I don’t think that I will ever again see another man-made item quite as incredible as this one. I have far too many pictures of it, but none of them do it even the smallest bit of justice. I’m so pleased that we made that detour.

(See Part IPart II & Part IV)

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india part I: delhi & agra.

{the spice market in old delhi}

{the busy streets of old delhi}

{delhi apartments}

{first views of the taj mahal}

{inside the baby taj}

{the view of the taj from the agra fort}

{the agra fort}

The first leg of my trip began in Delhi. My cousin and his girlfriend had been on exchange in India for the past six months which was what originally prompted me to consider traveling to such an amazing country. He had raved about it since the start and I knew that I had to take advantage of the opportunity to go (one that may not come up again in my life). So together with my aunt (his mother), we made the long trip, and I’m so happy that we did.

Delhi is a huge bustling city that is big, dirty and beautiful all at the same time. The first day of our trip, feeling jet lagged and overheated, Dylan (my cousin) & Tammy took us to old Delhi to hit us with a bang. I must admit, I was first very overwhelmed and wondered what I had gotten myself into, but that feeling passed quickly as I got used to the bustle, the people and the extreme heat (umm was it ever hot – can we just take a moment to talk about how we each drank about 4 litres of water every day and very rarely peed? I don’t think that’s normal). Old Delhi in particular is a loud, intense, busy (understatement) little spot. We rented a bike rickshaw and visited temples, toured through spice markets and wedding markets and stepped over sleeping men in very narrow streets in order to get to places we wanted to get to.

The next day, my aunt and I awoke bright and early to make the trek to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. After a quite pleasant train ride (which is more than I can say for all of the other train experiences we were about to be faced with), we arrived just after the sun rose. Upon my first glance of the Taj I actually got choked up. I had to hold back tears as it was so overwhelmingly beautiful and I just could not believe that I was there, in person, to see it for myself. At first, still feeling overwhelmed by the culture shock and the heat (I can’t tell you how many Indians were even complaining about the heat – we were constantly told that we were crazy for travelling through India in the summer and most closed shop for the afternoon to nap in any shade they could find), I had thought to myself that if the next two weeks turned out to be absolutely horrible (they were not), it would all be worth it for that one moment that I laid eyes on the Taj Mahal.

The rest of the day was spent visiting the baby Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort (which was infested with monkeys – perhaps the best kind of infestation methinks) and eating what can only be described as some of the most incredible food I’ve ever had the pleasure of ingesting.

(See Part II, Part III & Part IV)

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spring fling.

found via unknown (1, 2), simply seductive, the decorista, the new yorker

 Up until Sunday the weather in Toronto was dreary and cold. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that we had the biggest snow storm of the season. With this in mind, it’s been difficult to allow myself to get excited for spring.

On Sunday, we woke up and took Stella out for a long stroll in our new neighborhood. The weather was fresh, the air smelt sweet, and for the first time in a long time, I found myself giddy at the thought of what’s to come. While Sunday called for an oversized sweater and a brightly coloured pashmina, I could sense that the days of pink skies, bare legs and new blooms are quickly approaching. And for this, I am excited.

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photography moves.

all photos found via photography moves (by Cylla von Tiedemann)

Cylla von Tiedemann, an incredibly talented Toronto based photographer, has just launched her new site: photography moves. Having a large knowledge and background in theatrical photography, she’s going to begin teaching workshops to those whom are eager to learn. These workshops are not your standard workshops though. Essentially, they will take place throughout the world, from Berlin to Montreal, to Mallorca and then some. The trip will encompass the entire travel experience from local food to culture to learning how to take gorgeous photos of talented dancers with the help of some of the worlds most incredible backdrops. How amazing would such an experience be?! I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

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found here

Every once in a while you just need to stop, and breathe, and relax, and get inspired. With tomorrow being the last day for a very close co-worker (and best friend .tear.), this week has been especially busy as I prepare to take over her projects (effectively doubling my workload). With this change comes a huge shift in my responsibilities and I suppose somewhat of a pretty amazing promotion. Today I’m off hopping from meeting to meeting and will be keeping this beautiful image in mind as I do so. Postings may be light until I establish both my work life and my home life once again, but I’ll still be around, popping in here and there. Wish me luck in the next couple of weeks! It may get a little hairy around these here parts.

xx Jacquelyn

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photography: bill durgin.

found via Bill Durgin

Bill Durgin, a New York-based photographer, works with the human body posed in compromising and unnatural positions to create his artwork. The result is nothing short of incredible. Oh, I can’t even being to describe to you how badly I want one of his pieces. I’d blow it up to an unrealistic size to mount above my future mid-century modern teak credenza in my future dining room.  A montage of smaller images, matted and framed to perfection, would work just the same.

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food + such.

all images found via what katie ate

This may be a bold statement, but some time ago I stumbled upon the food blog What Katie Ate and she quickly became my most favourite of favourite food bloggers. Her food photography is easily the most beautiful I’ve seen. And the recipes? They literally make my mouth water.

Katie has recently collaborated with a number of talents and they’ve come out with a holiday recipe guide for us to feast our eyes on (here). There’s still a few more days to indulge in treats and sweets, and you should probably just go right ahead and do that since calories don’t count this time of year (we’re not going to talk about January just yet. Things change then). So for now, dig in and be merry!

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trevor tondro.

found via Trevor Tondro

I have some bad news, friends. My scenes from my weekend will be null and void for today. I mistakenly forgot my camera in my cousins car on Saturday evening and as a result I have nothing to show for myself until I see her later this week. My apologies for now, but next week I will make up for it! For the moment, please enjoy some incredible interiors photographed by the talented Trevor Tondro, and know that the weekend was great. Movies, restaurants, foggy evenings out, sunday brunches, oh my. I hope that yours, too, was just as wonderful!

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one hundred things: week I.

Sofia from Sofia’s Journal has a challenge: to come up with One Hundred simple things that make you happy. It seems easy enough, no? I’ve decided to take this challenge and run with it! Every friday for the next ten weeks I will present to you a new compilation of ten things that make me happy.

Without further ado, here is week I in this series:

#1. Ice cream sandwiches & milk


#3. Tea (have you figured this one out yet?)

#4. Llamas (especially those of the scarf-wearing variety)

#5. Paris. Perhaps it’s cliché, but the city is just magical.

#6. Letterpress

#7. Nail Polish (I honestly can’t remember what my toes look like when they’re unpolished)
#8. Unnecessary kitchen gadgets

#9. Lavender

#10. Farmers markets

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I challenge you to do the same! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s all about the little things, folks. Stopping for a second to take them in really does make all the difference in the world.

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pretty in pink.

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With October being considered breast cancer awareness month, I feel it’s important that we all stop and recognize it for just a moment. I’m sure we’ve all been affected by this horrible disease in one way or another, and although we still have a ways to go, it’s nice to be able to give it some awareness. So ladies, check your tata’s! And go hug your mom while you’re at it; just because, why not? (Umm but don’t do that at the same time. That would just be awkward)

With that said, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you a new-to-me blog that I’m simply smitten with. Concrete & Honey, an Australian based blog, always seems to have the perfect amount of pink sprinkled throughout her place. (That, plus a beautiful eye for all things pretty to match!)

Happy October ladies!

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Evelina Bratell, a swedish design student, has created a line of clothing inspired by Barbie. While I’m not one to ever claim to be fashion savvy (although I do appreciate all forms of design), I’m really just in love with the play in scale that takes place in this pretty fantastic photo shoot.

post script: I used to have a dollhouse that looks almost identical to this one. Only mine was classier because I had christmas lights and an old vinyl tile stuck to the ”bathroom” floor to spruce the place up. I would then hide treats in all of the cupboards and let my hamster loose within. Too much fun! Anyway… tangent… Take a look!

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scenes from my vacation. part III: Victoria.

We made it to Victoria on the Friday afternoon for the last leg of our trip. An incredible time was had, and I’m not even sure how we managed to squeeze in the amount of things that we did. Between touring beautiful downtown Victoria, visiting a real live castle, numerous hikes, camping on the pacific ocean, surfing in Tofino, a $3 breakfast at the navy base (in honour of my grandpa, an incredible man and ex-sailor), a brisk walk through Cathedral Grove, swimming at any and every moment we could muster up, a ride in a fire truck and high tea at the Empress Hotel… we saw it all. We did it all.

{beautiful victoria}

{high tea at the empress hotel}

{a beautiful old victorian house-turned-bed and breakfast}

{the view from atop mount doug}

{cameron lake}

{a pit stop for a swim while on the way to tofino}

{en route to tofino}

{cathedral grove forest}

{beautiful victoria}

{at our feet as we camped}

{surfing at long beach}

{low tide}

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scenes from my vacation. part II: Vancouver.

After a quick pit stop to float in a long, lazy river, two more winery tours and an incredible lunch at Nk’Mip, overlooking the small town of Ossoyoos; we made the long drive through the winding roads with incredible views, up mountains and then back down again, finally arriving in Vancouver late Wednesday night. We only had one full day to do as we pleased and experience the city, so we did what we could. We woke up early and headed to Stanley park for a long bike along the sea wall. And the evening? Well, it was spent feasting at the most incredible japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to. The next morning we spoiled ourselves with room service as we packed up to make our way to Victoria.   

{the view at lunch in Ossoyoos}   

{we made light work of that cheese platter}   

{jackson triggs vineyards}   

{the drive to vancouver}   

{the view from stanley park}   

{bike riding through the park}   

{sneaking a kiss by the ocean}   

{800 year old trees}   

{the olympic flames}   

{he followed our ferry to victoria}   

{the view from the ferry}

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scenes from my vacation. part I: Kelowna.

I’m back, and I’ve missed you guys so! I don’t even have the words to properly describe the past couple of weeks. Breathtaking? Amazing? Incredible? They just don’t seem to fit the bill. I’ve taken more photos than I could possibly chose from, so please, prepare to be bombarded with images of mountains, lakes and the like. I’ll be splitting my trip up into three separate days, so stay tuned, if you’re interested!

Our first stop was Kelowna, a city located in Okanagan Valley, wine country of BC. We flew in early on Sunday morning, opened our first bottle upon arriving at the resort, and didn’t stop until, well, yesterday, if I’m being honest. Situated just north of the US border, Kelowna is an extension of the Sonora Desert. The land is an incredible mix of mountains, coniferous forests, and deserts. By far my favourite leg of this trip.

Although our visit was short (three days), we made the most of it. With wine tours and extended lunches overlooking the Okanagan lake at Mission Hill Winery (wow. just wow.), a day trip on a friends boat, and a late night dinner at Quails Gate overlooking the lake (wrapped up in blankets to protect ourselves against the chill of the night, naturally), we left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and definitely, definitely plumper.

{our first peek at the mountains}

{the view from the resorts patio}

{the beach}

{a long, incredible lunch at mission hill}

{mission hill sights}

{a wine tasting… with cheese. mmm. cheese.}

{my boyfriend. his name is Justin & he’s pretty cute.}

{my stepmom. she’s taking advantage of our boat cruise with wine in hand}

{my baby sister. her name is Kelly & she’s loving life.}
{yes, she’s still my baby sister.}

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Love deeply. Love Passionately. Love wholly and without question. And when you get hurt? Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and love again; because, really? It’s all that matters.

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Happy weekend lovelies. I’ll see you back here on Monday with lots of BC goodness!

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Even if you don’t think that you can. You may surprise yourself.

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dress up.

It feels good!

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It helps.

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It’s one of life’s little pleasures. Don’t feel guilty.

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It’s liberating.

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Happy weekend lovelies!


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It stimulates your mind.

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Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Celebrate for the sake of celebrating. You don’t need a reason. Gather your favourite people, head to your favourite place, and drink champagne.

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It’s the little things. It really is. Pay attention to them and you’ll feel more fulfilled.

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Happy Birthday Canada!

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I’m feeling proud today :)

I’ll be off tomorrow & celebrating tonight. Have a lovely long weekend lovelies, and see you back here on monday!

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weekend things.

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Happy weekend, lovelies!

My aunt’s big day has finally arrived. This weekend will be filled with garden weddings, family celebrations, and late afternoon pool parties. 

See you on monday! xxx

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weekend things.

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A word of the wise: never book an outdoor activity on the Saturday before father’s day. My family throws an annual pool party every year on this day, and every year, without fail, it rains. I can’t wait!

Have a wonderful weekend sunshines!

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be right back.

My boyfriend and I have been through a bit of emotional turmoil the past few days. We’ve decided to take a mini mid-week vacation. So please bear with me while I go galavant and get life back together! I promise, when I come back tomorrow my little blog will be good again.

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Did you get a good look at this picture of Stella? Not to be redundant, but I feel this picture is worthy of a double add. Just me?

She’s just like a flying puff! With ears. And look how happy she is!

It kind of reminds me of this one:found via unknown

Only better, because I know her. And she’s awesome.

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weekend things.

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Happy friday, my loves!

For once in a very long time, I have zero plans. It feels kind of nice. I hope yours is filled with cuddles, long hugs, and everything that makes your heart smile.

I want to send an extra amount of love to my boyfriend and his family who are going through a bit of a hard time right now. Please keep them in your thoughts!


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go try it on.

This certainly would have come in handy during my electric blue legging incident (read: experiment) of oh-nine. It’s a website where you upload a picture of your outfit, and then wait for legitimate feedback and honest advice on said outfit.  You can block out your face as to remain completely anonymous (and not feel like a total dork; unless someone recognizes your neck or wrist, but that would be weird… Carrying on). I scrolled through a number of posts, and the comments I’ve read are actually helpful, not hurtful. I like it! Maybe eventually I’ll stop voting on other peoples outfits, and actually get up the courage to upload my own. I’ll keep you posted on that one though (hah).

Go here to check it out.

ps. I’m debating about posting a picture of the night of the electric blue leggings. Thoughts? It’s bad guys.

And because I, personally, dislike posts with no pictures, here is a completely unrelated photograph of a pretty french building (I know you liked that segue).

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just because…

kitty feet!

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Have you been to Mandoloux yet? It’s a site that provides you with high quality desktop backgrounds. A friend sent me the link yesterday and I think I’ve already changed my background 9 times (I can’t make up my mind). The images range from abstract photography, to still life, to fine art. The photography is incredible! And for you designer folk with the multiple monitors? They’ve thought of that too with images that span across two or three screens. Check it out!

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weekend things.

I hope your weekend is exactly like this.

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update: a reader has informed me that she has named my elephant Martha. Well played Miss Jenny. She knows what’s up.

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teeny gardens.

Pete Dungey, a graphic design student at the University of Brighton, plants gardens in the potholes throughout the UK. This seems like such a lovely idea! Not exactly practical, but lovely all the same. I really wish we had more Pete Dungey’s lying around. One in Toronto would be nice. Just putting that out there guys…

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summer happenings.

Click here for a list of things going on in Toronto this summer!
The ones that I personally recommend? The Hot & Spicy Food Festival, the Beaches Jazz Festival, Summerlicious, and the Outdoor Art Show at Nathan Phillips Square.

This will be the summer of George!

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tessa tangerine.

You may have come across Ryan Marshall’s blog, Pacing the Panic Room, during your internet travels before. I began visiting his blog a year and a half ago when he started documenting his wifes pregnancy with weekly photographs. His work is amazing! Refreshing, inspiring, beautiful.

This morning he posted the following picture, and I just had to share it. His daughter, Tessa, is now 10 months old and is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever come across. Here she is during one of her swimming lessons:

found via Pacing the Panic Room

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summer living.

Oh the things I would do to spend my summer here, in this amazing house on the beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

all images found via Taverne Agency and photographed by Alexander van Berge

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weekend things.

I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after this past weekend. My boyfriend and I have decided to try to become a little more adult and responsible-like with our money. We spent the majority of our weekend meandering through flea markets, playing mini-putt and watching old episodes of Modern Family with a bottle of wine. And yesterday? He came home with strawberries, chocolate & tea, and he treated me to an incredible massage in China. I’m sorry, but you can’t have him; I kind of want to keep him around for a while! I’ve decided that you really don’t need to spend much to have an amazing time.

I will be on site for the large part of the day today, so postings may be a little light.

May I offer my apologies in the form of a cheeky giraffe at a wedding?

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happy weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend suntots!

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Was anybody else sorely dissapointed with last nights episode of glee?
It made me feel a little bit like this:

source unknown due to my poor memory

For those of you who are wondering, and I know you are, I have named her Esme. For those of you who are not yet aware, I take great pride in my ability to name, well, everything. Spatulas, bicycles, eyelashes… I even have a pink polka-dotted duster named Lola. She is pretty useless but I love her all the same.

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happy weekend.

And I leave you with this, friends-who-are-not-yet-reading-my-blog-but-totally-should-be-because-it-will-be-awesome!

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Have a lovely weekend. xxx

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