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I think it’s safe to say that April was a good month. Not only did I wrap up a fab mini family vacation in Florida, I also finished writing that dang NCIDQ exam (one of these days I’ll refrain from bringing it up in a sentence), a dear friend of mine has returned from a whirlwind 9 month long stint in South America, and the weather is finally behaving. This newfound freedom has me all sorts of excited and I can’t wait to see what May brings along with it!

Ps – If you care to follow along on further Instagram adventures, my username is: larkandlinen.

Happy weekend my dears. XO

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March on Instagram


I feel like I’m cheating since we’re almost through with April (what!?) but I thought I’d take a quick peek back at the month of March, as told by my Instagram feed. I thought for sure this month would be pretty pathetic since it feels as if I never. left. my. couch, but apparently I did do some fun things! Follow along @larkandlinen and have a wonderful weekend. XO!

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February on Instagram

February 2013 will forever be remembered as the month before exams started taking over my life. All of these activities feel like they happened So. Long. Ago. In case you care to see what my March is looking like on the daily, you could totally follow along (username: larkandlinen)

Happy weekend friends!


ps – you might want to head on over to Kisha’s blog to check out a little series I helped her kick off!

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january on instagram

jan on instagram

Are you guys totally getting sick of seeing pictures of my mug of tea yet? I’m telling you – things have been pretty slow around here! Most days I’m lucky if I get changed into something that doesn’t resemble that of yoga pants or cotton sweats. It’s not terribly pretty around here ;)

Happy weekend lovelies!

ps. find me on instagram here. My username is larkandlinen.

pps. I’ve totally jumped on the Vine wagon as well. I’m still pretty convinced that the whole thing is a hot mess, but it IS pretty fun to play around with!

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October on instagram

Let’s just say that October was good to me.

Happy weekend you guys!

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{a very belated} september on instagram

Just a few things I got up to last month via Instagram (yes, I’ve joined the bandwagon)

Follow along here (username: @larkandlinen)!

Happy weekend you guys <3

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august on instagram

I finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and couldn’t be more thrilled. Follow me @larkandlinen if you want to be bombarded with pictures of my life on the daily (I warn you, I’m slightly obsessed). And if you don’t have Instagram, you can still check-out the goods. I’ve added a fancy little Instagram button on my sidebar.

Have a great weekend!!

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