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  • cocorrina---bits-and-pieces

    Bits & Pieces of Cocorrina

    One of my very favourite parts about this whole blog thing is the ease in which I’m able to connect with like-minded people from all corners of the globe. You’d think…

  • oh-so-pretty---bits-and-pieces

    Bits and Pieces of Oh So Pretty

    If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest in the last year, chances are you’ve stumbled upon some of Oh So Pretty‘s work. Her DIY projects in particular are just beyond –…

  • 5252d3264c27b$!900x
    Interviews Lifestyle Personal Posts

    Coffee Talk

    My dear Clara recently tagged me in this fun little project entitled Coffee Talk. Essentially, she answered a handful of questions and asked 4 people to do the same. And since…

  • CC---bits-and-pieces

    Bits & Pieces of Channeling Contessa

    I could truly sit here and wax poetic about my friend Channeling Contessa forever, but in the name of brevity, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Chances are you’ve stumbled upon…


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