That Time I Got Rid of Half My Clothes

Oversized knit {next-level turtlenecks}

A few weekends ago I spent the vast majority of my Saturday digging through the depths of my closet. My mission: to purge absolutely everything that I don’t love with my whole being. I was ruthless and ended up depleting my wardrobe by almost half. It felt amazing, liberating, and has weirdly made getting dressed each day significantly easier. I’ve lived with my minimal wardrobe for a little while now, and have slowly begun making a list of items that I really and truly still need. Since we are officially within the atumnal season, it’s no surprise that said list contains primarily fall-focused pieces. Following are a few classic fall clothes I absolutely adore, and am itching to add to my arsenal. 

Waffle knit{a waffle knit in an oatmeal shade}

layers and loafers{layers & loafers}

scallops and stripes{stripes & scallops}

creamy details{tone on tone basics}

trench and boyfriend jeans{a flowy trench & boyfriend jeans}

shades of grey{a heather grey hat & coat}


PS: Fall Fashion 2014Fall Fashion 2013 | Fall Fashion 2012


Pink Turtleneck Sweater: Who What Wear | Waffle Knit: Unknown | Layers & Loafers: Atlantic Pacific | Stripes & Scallops: The College Prepster | Tone on Tone: Unknown | Flowy Trench: Unknown | Heather Grey: Brooklyn Blonde

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How to Pack for a Week in a Carry On

Packing for a week in a carry on

Travel has always been high on my priority list, and I’ve been lucky enough to have logged quite a few miles thusfar. I wouldn’t claim to be a travel expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve definitely learnt a thing or two along the way. While I adore it to my core, there’s no denying that it comes with its fair share of stresses. Lost luggage, extra baggage fees and lugging heavy suitcases across cobblestone streets are high atop that list. So these days, whenever possible, I do my best to pack all of my belongings in a carry-on. Not only does it eliminate wait times (and stress) at the airport, but it also makes the entire process that much more seamless. With a little know how, it’s not as overwhelming as you may think. So over-packers listen up! Here are a few tips and tricks of my own for packing for a week in a carry on.  

How to pack for a week in a carry on



:: I try to stick to one colour palette so that every outfit is interchangeable (think: black, white and blush. Camel, sky blue and heather gray…)

:: Bring basics, and jazz your outfits up with small, easy-to-pack accessories

:: I always wear my bulkier pieces on the plane, which saves precious real estate

:: Roll your clothes to save space (bonus: this typically helps with wrinkles, too)

:: I tuck a cross-body purse with all of my essentials into a larger purse for the plane. Nobody wants to lug around an oversized bag when seeing the town, but it is nice to have space to store that iPad, Kindle and the like while en route

:: Ditch the wallet. Chances are there’s a ton of stuff in there that’s totally unnecessary while abroad. Instead, I like to tuck all of my necessities (credit cards, passport, ID…) into a small zippered pouch and toss it in my tote

:: One thing I never forget: a lightweight scarf. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, doubles as a blanket on chilly planes and trains, and triples as a bathing suit sarong if there’s a pool nearby

:: And when you feel that all-too-familiar urge to toss in just one more shirt or pair of pants (just in case), remind yourself that most hotels have laundry services that aren’t as pricy as you may think (and a sink and some hand soap work perfectly when desperate)


lineImage Source: Stephanie Sterjovski 

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All About Crossbody Bags


I typically find that the bigger my bag is, the more junk I tend to lug around with me. And now that I’m out and about more than ever these days (client meetings, farmer’s markets, sourcing furniture and then some) I kind of hate to be bogged down with unnecessary stuff. Crossbody bags obviously aren’t a new invention, but I’ve only recently begun to really appreciate their versatility, and love that they keep my hands free to allow me to really dig into whatever it is I’m doing. I’ve slowly begun to covet a handful of beauties, and in lieu of hoarding them all to myself, I thought I’d share the pretty. Here are 12 crossbody bags, at any and every price point, that I’d love to add to my growing arsenal.

Photo Source: Creators of Desire

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6 Summer Hair-do’s to Try

Summer hair-do: braided bun {simple braids & a messy bun}

With my cousin’s wedding a little over a week away, I’ve recently found myself researching hair-do inspiration for her big day. And while I’m well aware that all eyes will be on her, I can’t help but feel as if my hair must be on point! I mean, it’s not often your very best friend ties the knot, you know? Although I’m now thinking of simple long, loose waves pulled casually to the side, I came across a number of outstanding styles that I’ll definitely be saving for the months ahead. Without further ado, here are a handful of beautiful summer hair-do’s that I just can’t take my eyes off of.

twisted braid{the twisted ponytail}

Summer hair-do: twisted half crown {the twisted half-crown}Summer hair-do: messy chignon{the casual chignon}
Summer hair-do: twisted messy bun {the messy low bun}Summer hair-do: half-braid{the half-braid} line

Twisted Braid: 100 Layer Cake | Twisted Bun: Sacramento Street | Braided Bun: Tessa Rayanne | Braids and Waves: Unknown | Messy Chignon: Once Wed | Half Braid: Birdie

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The Braided Bun Tutorial

braided bun tutorial

When it comes to my hair, you can typically find it one of three ways: stick straight, a hint of wave or piled on top of my head. Though I love the idea of something a little more wow-worthy, it’s just never been in my wheelhouse to attempt anything more. Which is why I’ve turned to miss Lexi Haslam to teach me her ways. Blessed with a head full of fabulous blonde locks, the girl is filled with hair magic. And her braided bun tutorial, (perfect for day or night alike)? Well it couldn’t be easier! With photos from Heidi Lau, grab the simple step by step details below! 

braided bun tutorial

instructions |STEP 1| Give yourself a deep side part. On the thicker side, grab a 3″ section of hair and start french braiding, ensuring the braid is parallel with your part.

braided bun tutorialbraided bun tutorial

|STEP 2| Once you’ve reached 2/3rds of the way, continue to braid as usual, tying off the ends with a clear elastic.

braided bun tutorial

|STEP 3| Pull all of your hair, including the braid, into a side pony tail. Tie off with a clear elastic and remove the elastic on the braid

braided bun tutorial

|STEP 4| Using a comb, backcomb your side ponytail to create tons of volume and texture

braided bun tutorial

|STEP 5| Gently twist into a loose bun. You don’t want to twist too tight as you want your bun to be loose, full and textured. Pin as necessary using bobby pins. 

braided bun tutorial

 |STEP 6| Spray with hairspray and go about your day!

braided bun tutorial


Others braids in this series: the braided faux-hawkthe braided crown & the glam side braid

lineBraids: Lexington & Co. | Photography: Heidi Lau | Concept, Design & Styling: Lark & Linen

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The Braided Faux Hawk


See this girl right here? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her since high school and not only is she an incredibly talented event designer, but she also happens to be as amazing as she is beautiful. Throw in the fact that she has these crazy luscious blonde locks and, for as long as I’ve known her, has always come up with the most beautiful hair-do’s for everyday wear. Case in point: this wicked braided faux hawk. So naturally I took it upon myself to ask her how it’s done. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s not NEARLY as hard as it looks! With photos from the uber talented Heidi Lau, grab Lexi’s the step by step guide below!

ps – big hugs to the Everygirl for featuring this tutorial last week!

Braided Faux Hawk

instructions | STEP 1 | Grab all of the hair on the top of your head, and tease at the root of the hair to create texture for the braid. If desired, spray dry shampoo or texture spray for added thickness. 

| STEP 2 | Start by creating a dutch french braid down the center of your head, tucking bobby pins into the braid as you go. 

Braided Faux Hawk

| STEP 3 | Once the crown of your head has been dutch french braided, begin pulling 1/2″ strands of hair from the side of your head, and braid all the way until the end, securing with a clear elastic. 

Braided Faux Hawk
| STEP 4 | Tuck the bottom of the braid (the tail) underneath the main braid and pin to secure. 

Braided Faux Hawk

| STEP 5 | Gently pull apart the braid to create extra thickness, volume, texture and interest. Spray to secure.

Braided Faux HawkOthers braids in this series: the braided crown & the glam side braid

lineBraids/Model: Lexington & Co. | Photography: Heidi Lau | Concept, Design & Styling: Lark & Linen


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The Twisted Ponytail

The twisted ponytail
Hi guys! Irrelephant here taking over while Jacquelyn is off in Thailand! Today we’re chatting all about hair. We often get asked to share hair tutorials that can take you from work to dinner and beyond, so we thought we’d oblige. This twisted ponytail tutorial is a style that’s easy, cute AND elegant. Best of all, it can be done in any length of hair!

Hair how-to
|STEP 1|
Tease your crown! Spray Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish from mid shaft all the way to the to ends.

twisted ponytail_3
|STEP 2|
Grab your headwrap (ours is from Flower Crown Society) and wrap it around your head, like you’d wear a crown. Tie it into a knot and tuck the little ears under the wrap. Alteratively, you could make a bow or leave the ears out – depending on the look you’re after!

The twisted ponytail tutorial
|STEP 3|
Pull your hair all to one side, gently twist it and pin it as shown. Make sure to pin right under the wrap.

The twisted ponytail
|STEP 4|
Grab a 1 inch section of hair from around your face, cross it over the previous pinned section and pin it in place.

Hair DIY
|STEP 5| 
Make sure your bobby pins are secure (try crossing 2 bobby’s together to form an “x” for bonus points). Then, spray and gently pull a few pieces out for a more undone look. 

The twisted ponytail

That’s it! It should be noted that the key here is texture! If you have any further questions, send us an email or comment below. Special thanks to Allison and her beautiful headwraps


Photography, hair tutorial & styling: Irrelephant Blog

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How To: The Braided Crown

How to do the braided crown
Though I like to think that I can hold my own in the hair department, I must admit that I pale in comparison to my darling friend Lexi. So when I was brainstorming this braid bar mini series to share with you guys, it only made sense to ask her to come on board to help me out. This girl right here? She’s a braid genius through and through. And this time she’s unearthing the secrets to the braided crown. And with a little practice, I pinky promise you can do it too! With photos from the always amazing  Heidi Lau, grab every single step below! 

ps – big hugs to the Glitter Guide for featuring this tutorial for us earlier this week

instructions| STEP 1 |
Give yourself a deep part and tease the crown of your head to add some volume at your roots.

Hair how-to 

| STEP 2 | 
On the full side of your part, grab a 2″ section of hair and split it into three equal pieces. 

 How to do the braided crown

| STEP 3 | 
Begin by moving the front piece underneath the middle piece.

 Hair how-to

| STEP 4 | 
Next, move the back piece under the new middle piece.  

 How to do the braided crown

| STEP 5 | 
Add a 1/2″ section of hair to your new front piece, and place your new front piece underneath the middle piece. Continue to do so until you’ve reached your ear.  

 Hair how-to

| STEP 6 | 
As the braid begins to form, start back-pinning your braid with bobby pins. This should give it some volume! Try to tuck the pins inside the braid so they aren’t visible. 

 How to do the braided crown

| STEP 7 | 
One you’ve braided to your ear, continue to braid as normal (you no longer want to do a dutch french braid at this point) and tie off with a clear elastic. 

 Step by step guide to a braided crown

| STEP 8 |
Repeat on other side.

 Hair how-to

| STEP 9 |
Wrap both braids around the back of your head, tuck the ends of each braid underneath each other, and pin as needed.

How to do the braided crown

| STEP 10 |
Don’t be afraid to gently pull apart your braid to give it some texture and added volume. Spray with a flexible hold hair spray and go about your day!

lineBraids by: Lexington & Co. | Photography: Heidi Lau

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January Picks: Cheap Thrills

Though I try to stay on budget year after year, I always tend to go overboard when it comes to gifts for my friends and family at Christmas. I literally just paid off my visa bill and I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t hurt to pull that trigger… So with that top of mind, this month’s round up of goodies I’m currently coveting has been selected specifically for tight budgets. Here are a handful of perfectly pretty things, and not a one of them will break the bank! 

To see past month’s picks click here!

lineGold Ring: Asos | Oversized Plaid Scarf: Asos | Heart Dish: Waiting on Martha | Gold Pebble Dish: Waiting on Martha | Mr & Mrs Mug: Waiting on Martha | 2015 Calendar: Waiting on Martha | Heart Mug: West Elm | Chevron Vase: One Kings Lane | Dior Lip Gloss: Sephora | Paris Tea: Barney’s | Gold Planters: Waiting on Martha | Jersey PJ Legging: Old Navy | Bobbi Brown Lip Balm: Nordstrom | Double Triangle Pendant: Bauble Bar | Striped Peplum Top: J. Crew | Hot Chocolate Kit: Barneys | Hand Painted Tea Towel: Barney’s

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How To: The Glam Side Braid

How to: the glam side braid

So I’m really bad at keeping secrets, and I’ve already let the cat out of the bag a few times about this collaboration, but I’m REALLY excited to introduce to you part one in what will be a four part braid series! I’ve teamed up with my beautiful friend and braid guru, miss Lexi of Lexington & Co., and the always fabulous Heidi Lau, photographer extraordinaire, to bring to you a collection of picture perfect, relatively simple, hair tutorials. First up: the glam side braid. Perfect for Christmas, New Years or heck, a random Monday morning when you’re feeling fancy. It’s elegant, it’s lovely, and with a little know-how, it’s totally and completely do-able! Simply grab the steps after the jump below. 

instructions| STEP 1 |
Give yourself a deep side part and then curl your entire head using a 1 1/2″ barrel curler. Spray using a flexible hold hair spray!

Beautiful hair how-to!

| STEP 2 | 
Create a dutch french braid along the side of your head, parallel to your part, stopping when your part ends. Here’s a simple dutch french braid tutorial if you need some help! It may be easier to practice on a friend at first but I promise it’s do-able. When complete, pin your braid to your head. 

Dutch french braid

| STEP 3 | 
On the opposite side of your head, grab an inch or two of hair, and back-comb it at the roots to give yourself some volume! 

Glam hair how-to!

| STEP 4 | 
Grab all of your hair and slowly twist it to the opposite side of the braid. 

How-to: glamorous hair

| STEP 5 | 
Using bobby pins, secure the twist in place! 

A simple side-do (grab the steps!)

| STEP 6 | 
Tousle as required. Every good hair do needs a good tousle, am I right?

Beautiful glam hair (that anyone can do!

| STEP 7 | 
Spray and go!

Note: Best enjoyed with a glass of fancy wine, and a hot night on the town. 

The glamorous side braid!

Braids by: Lexington & Co. | Photography: Heidi Lau

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12 Fall Fashion Essentials

12 fall fashion essentials! Classic, timeless, and totally cozy

I’m somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to fashion. I love it (in fact I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it), but on a day to day basis I prefer to splurge on a new throw pillow than the latest and greatest for my closet. That is, of course, until fall hits. There’s something about the change in seasons that always makes me want to start anew. This year I’m forgoing all things jewel toned in exchange for a soft blush and deep charcoal palette. Reaching for classic, yet comfortable, pieces that can be layered is the name of the game. And here are 12 fall fashion essentials that are sure to last for years to come!


1 | COZY SWEATS | Old Navy is stepping it up in a big way lately – their sweats are super soft and cozy; the perfect solution to a lazy fall afternoon. 

2 | DAINTY ACCESSORIES | Though I’m not impartial to a chunky statement necklace, when it comes to my day to day attire I always opt for a pair of simple earrings and maybe a gold bangle or two! 

3 | CASHMERE SCARF | My scarf collection is borderline embarrassing (read: I have two massive boxes FULL of them). And though I have a number that I adore through and through, there’s nothing that compares to cashmere.  

4 | A SIMPLE TOTE | It’s the perfect accessory to take you from the market to the movies and beyond! This one comes in a variety of shades, but I’m not so secretly obsessed with this blush one.

5 | BOOTIES | Though I’ll never betray the classic riding boot, I am admittedly in love with the bootie trend. As a tried and true flats girl, I love that this soft camel pair has the tiniest heel, which makes them feel instantly fancier, yet remain comfortable enough to wear all day long. 

6 | CAMP SOCKS | Coming from someone who’s perpetually cold, if it were socially acceptable, I’d wear camp socks all day every day for the rest of time. Until that moment, I’ll happily don them in the quiet of my home each and every fall (and feel extra cozy while doing so!)

7 | OVERSIZED SWEATERS | Forever and ever amen.

8 | EPIC JEANS | As a girl with some serious junk in her trunk, the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans is an ongoing task. Though these J. Crew ones aren’t IT, they’re about as close as I’ve ever gotten so far!

9 | A CLASSIC COAT, WITH A LITTLE EDGE | I’ve come to the realization that a beautiful coat is an essential. Up until recently, a fall jacket has always been a bit of an afterthought, merely utilitarian. But if it’s something that’s going to be worn daily (or close to it!), why shouldn’t it make your heart sing?

10 | NUDE NAILS | Nude nails with the slightest hint of pink. Feminine yet classy, and perfectly timeless. 

11 | BERRY LIPS | Though I’m not totally on board yet with every 90’s trend that seems to be resurfacing, a deep berry lip is one that I can agree upon!

12 | SWEATSHIRTS | Coming from someone who would happily live in yoga pants if she could, I can’t help but notice that comfort is a huge factor when it comes to fashion these days. Sweatshirts are no longer reserved for the cottage. Instead, slightly more fitted (yet equally cozy) versions are popping up left right and centre and I’m totally and completely on board.

PS: Fall Fashion 2013 | Fall Fashion 2012

Image Source: Lingered Upon | Blush Jacket: Club Monaco | Cozy Sweater: Anthropologie | Boots: Piperlime | Cozy Sweats: Old Navy | Leather Tote: The Gap | Sweathshirt: The Gap | Berry Lipstick: | Camp Socks: J.Crew | Cashmere Scarf: J.Crew | Gold Bangle: Kate Spade | Earrings: Gorjana | Jeans: J.Crew | Nail Polish: Essie

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Travel/Wear from In Honor of Design

Jen Huang, St Bart's Destination Wedding

Anna here from In Honor of Design, excited to be taking over for Jacquelyn today! Since I’m kind of jealous she’s on her way to the sandy side of Mexico, I thought I would dive into some daydreaming. Here are a few travel and wear pairings that resemble each other! Any places you are dreaming of traveling to?? I’ve added that Hotel Hafa Suyalita on my bucket lust JUST to set sights on that adorable heart path!

Travel and Wear

Copy & Graphics: In Honor of DesignTravel & Wear No. 1 | Travel & Wear No. 2

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What to Pack for Mexico


The countdown is on until our big family trip to Mexico and I couldn’t be more thrilled! On the agenda for the week: the beach, the beach, and maybe the beach? As far as my travel essentials go, I’m planning on wielding a small selection of easy breezy basics that can take me from the ocean to dinner in a snap. A handful of maxi dresses, a dainty necklace, some comfy harem pants, the cutest bikini in all the land and I am good to go!

1. Cover Up With Fringe: Harrods | 2. Sandals: Moda Operanda | 3. Straw Hat: Cotswold Outdoors | 4. Sunscreen: Beauty Bridge | 5. Sunglasses: Net A Porter | 6. Bikini: Zimmerman | 7. Wedge: Dolce Vita | 8. Beach Bag: Figleaves | 9. Tuxedo Pant: Old Navy | 10. Camera: Nikon | 11. Maxi Dress: Piperlime | 12. Gold Necklace: ShopBop | 13. Towel: Hay Needle | 14. Passport Holder: Zappos

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Shades of Pink

If you haven’t figured it out by now, pink is kind of my love language. I’m not talking baby-girl pink here, I’m referring to the sophisticated version you’d find gracing the pages of This is Glamorous and Bijou and Boheme. Shades of coral and blush; petal pink and the like. You know, the grown up kind! And in light of this pink-infused holiday, I’ve rounded up a few of my very favourite items – if for no other reason than it’s a serious dose of pretty. Happy, happy Valentine’s day my dears!shades-of-pink


Flats: Tieks | Pants: J CrewLipstick: Tom Ford | Heels: Shop Bop | Lace Top: She Inside | Boots: Shop Bop | Blazer: She Inside | Wrapping paper: Waiting on Martha | Basket: Far and Wide Collective | Earrings: Far and Wide Collective | Napkins: Far and Wide Collective | Bathing suit: Anthropologie | Pillow: Anthropologie | Lingerie: Anthropologie | Pink Salt: Weddbook | Hand Lotion: Williams Sonoma

ps- past Valentine’s day posts: DIY’s | Party | Cute Ideas

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Winter Whites

winter-whitesAfter Christmas, a trip to South Africa, and two family weddings on the horizon, I’ve been forced to put myself on a spending hiatus in order to replenish my poor, sad little wallet. And though on an average day I’m not a huge shopper (I prefer the experience route over the material thing*), ever since making this decision, I find myself inadvertently perusing all. of. the. sites. All. of. the. time. I swear, my subconscious is such a brat sometimes. So instead of splurging on a handful of really lovely wintery-white pieces, I thought I’d share my findings and oogle from afar instead!

*Unless we’re talking about interior design. All bets go out the window when my home plays a factor. 


Scarf: Nordstrom | Bangles: Moda Operandi | Watch: Kate Spade | Striped Tee: The Outnet | Sweater: Farfetch | Wool Jacket: Mango | Wool Hat: Barney’s | Purse: Neiman Marcus | Nail Polish: Essie | Socks: Barney’s | Earrings: Net-a-Porter | Ring: Steven Alan | Wrap Bracelet: Alexander McQueen 

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Color Crush with Fabulous K


Hello!  Kelly of Fabulous K here.  I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for Jacquelyn while she’s away on her South African adventure. Today I want to share one of my favorite color crush combos: blush + gold. I went through a phase where I was kind of over shades of pink, but am now back on the bandwagon thanks to the pretty blush hue that’s popping up everywhere.  I especially love it paired with glittery, metallic golds – it’s modern and girly without being too over the top. Are you a fan of this perfect pairing? Which item is your favorite?


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Fall Essentials

For the first time in my entire life, I’m having difficulty coming around to the idea of fall. Normally I’m all about the crisp, cozy season, I’d even go so far as to say that it’s my favourite of them all. But this year? Those nostalgic feelings that typically surround the next few months seem to have gone missing. I thought that maybe if I compiled a round up of fall-like essentials it’d improve my excitement level. And though I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to my sundresses, I have to admit that it helped (a little). Apparently cozy throws, soft blush capes and stacks of books will do that to a girl.



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 

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Summer Essentials: The Fashion Files


Alright you guys. It’s been well documented around here in the past that fashion is not exactly my forte. I will never be the one to set trends or be the first to pick out the latest and greatest. That being said, there’s no denying that I adore a great top and a beautiful bag like the rest of em’. And now that we’re into the thick of summer, I thought it’d be fun to round-up a few of my summer must-haves. For me? It’s all about comfort. Pieces that you can throw on in a pinch, will keep you cool under the hot sun, and make you feel instantly chic with little to no effort at all.

line1. Turkish Towel from Casa | 2. Bikini from J. Crew (on sale!) | 3. Fold up Flats from Tieks (so comfy) | 4. Sandal from Zappos | 5. Chevron Dress from Mod Cloth | 6. Sunglasses from Asos | 7. Beachy Hair Spray from Walgreens | 8. Marc Jacobs Purse from Shopbop | 9. Water Bottle from BKR | 10. Tank from Asos | 11. Heel from Shopbop | 12. Shorts from The Gap | 13. Skirt from Old Navy

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Guest Post: Wanted from A Piece of Toast


.01 | .02 | .03 | .04 | .05 | .06 | .07 | .08 | .09 | .10 | .11 | .12 | .13

Hey guys! Molly & Sally here from A Piece of Toast. We are SO excited for that Jacquelyn (and a little jealous) that she and her love get to travel to romanic Amafli, Italy.  Based on her post last week it sounds like their trip is a bit of an open book right now… So we thought we’d help her pack!  Must haves for any trip abroad during the summer season: outfits for day trips exploring, a swim suit and cover up for time on the coastal beach, and breezy attire for evenings out.  With out realizing it, the items we collected all had a very pretty and sweet vibe – just like Jacquelyn!  Enjoy your time on the coast, J + J – we can’t wait to see your photos when you return and we hope we made packing a bit easier (:

lineYep, Molly & Sally definitely hit the nail right on the head with this one. My shopping list has just grown exponentially! Thanks again ladies <3

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fall fashion

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Just a few things I wish would magically find their way into my closet this season.

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these are a few of my favourite things.

Today is my first day at my brand new job! I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it coincides with the first day of school, but I’m feeling like a child all over again. I’ve had my outfit chosen for a week now, I’ve brainstormed hairdo’s and the nerves and butterflies are in full force. I find myself hoping that my new desk is in the perfect location and that I sit next to someone cool (although, designers are cool, right? I think I’ll be okay here). I was too nervous/distracted to put together a post this morning, so please accept my apologies and know that my scenes from my weekend will be up tomorrow.

In the meantime, head over to the lovely Sofia’s Journal where I’m holding down the fort while she’s off on a much deserved vacation. Over there you can checkout a few of my very favourite beauty products.

And if you have a few good luck vibes to spare, feel free to send em’ my way. Much appreciated!

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hair do’s: the knotted side pony.

found here 

I don’t know about you, but I find that my hair tends to freak out a little bit in the summer. It gets frizzy, it gets sun bleached and it just doesn’t know what to do with itself. I’m always looking for ways to tame my tresses (apart from my go-to loose waves when I just know the humidity will attack any attempt at straight hair) and this one will definitely be a top contender come the warmer months.

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