Inspiration: Floral Façades


Lately, Justin and I have been thinking about diving into the world of home ownership in the not too distant future. Though the logistics of actually making this happen in an expen$ive city like Toronto are incredibly intimidating and slightly discouraging, I find myself constantly daydreaming about the possibility all the same. To be totally honest, the only thing we will likely be able to afford right now is a tiny gut-job of a home, but that doesn’t stop me from hoping our future abode is even a fraction as charming as these babies. Floral façades: I’m digging it. 

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White House: Kurt Boomer | Pink Flowers: Tec Petaja | Garage: Note to Sarah | White House + Black Shutters: Bel & Beau | Stone House: Roses and Rust

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Inspiration: Pool Party

4b3e309fb3bc2d3d4c7fa93e7e8b881aI’m not sure about you guys, but we’ve been experiencing quite the heatwave in Toronto as of late. With temperatures hovering in the mid 30’s on a consistent basis, it’s all I can do to not melt away. Now, I’m not going to complain because before I know it, the frigid temperatures will be upon us, but I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t been spending my time trying to find ways to stay cool. My best solution? All pools. All the time.  And if this collection of wet and wild backyards doesn’t do it for ya, well I just don’t know what will.

40a6c86e75293c2877c838d5f78128127abbd68a835fb89ad39208852932d278MaliAzima_BobNorris_887ec3dac9b3cfa127873711cb3592e3 df0acc91dc771a52f85e714d60e97e18 fd80663624cd101a07819c532880474d1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

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note to self:

Live here…

Swim here…

Relax here…

Bathe here…

Shop here…

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Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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get the look: boho patio

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Forgive me folks, for lately I have patios on the brain. But when spaces like this exist, can you really blame me? Living in a condo doesn’t allow us to take advantage of the great out doors on many occasions, so I’m all about sprucing up the teeny little exterior space I AM able to call my own. This image would be a great jumping off point, don’t you think?! With just a few key elements, I could easily update the 20 square feet of exterior space we have on our hands.

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inspiration: al fresco dining

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These days I find myself craving an outdoor soiree, complete with fantastic table settings and buttloads of friends. (Yes, buttloads). I’m convinced that warm evenings were made for this very reason.

Happy weekend guys! I hope it’s a good one!

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house envy: elding oscarson.

all images found via Elding Oscarson (via totonko)

I can’t deny that I’m regularly attracted to crisp white spaces with subtle pops of colour, but the attraction may be getting out of hand. I’m not sure if it’s the promise of spring sneaking up on us (although it certainly does not feel like it here in Toronto)  which often brings the urge to begin anew with a crisp, clean slate, but this modern townhouse tucked between two old Swedish homes is keeping me calm and centred on this otherwise busy Tuesday morning.

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farewell summer.


found via Skona Hem 

Since in my mind the arrival of fall coincides with the first day of school (I’ve been out of school for three years and this thought will probably never change), I’ve already begun to embrace the change of season (have you noticed?). With tomorrow being the first official day of fall, I felt as though I should give summer a proper send-off with one last incredible summer home. Until next year!

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a transitional space.

found via Design Therapy via Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes is a website I happened to stumble upon recently, and I’m so glad that I did. Their aim is to provide incredible vacation home rentals; many of which are created by some pretty notable and talented architects. This home in particular is designed as the perfect transitional space for the days that linger between summer and fall. I wouldn’t mind curling up with a book and a blanket in any of the rich, charcoal gray and chocolate-brown spaces, wrapped up to protect myself from the coolness of the morning. Yet, when the sun makes an appearance and the temperature rises, I could just as easily sit outside to enjoy a light lunch and take in the expansive views. 

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technical difficulties.

found via My Ideal Home

We’re off to a rough start this morning here on lark + linen. The majority of my photos were mistakenly deleted from this weekend (womps). My brilliant friend is helping me in their recovery, so for now, please accept this pretty view as a place holder.

update: alas, my photos could not be recovered without spending a silly amount on some downloadable program. Does anyone know any other way? I’d love to hear it.

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And for your Tuesday morning, I present to you another McLean Quinlan. Great. Big. Sigh.

images found via McLean Quinlan

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sleek & sexy.

Munge Leung, a Toronto based interior design firm, has successfully made their mark on many, many incredible projects. This 7,300 square foot ravine house in particular really caught my eye. Is it just me, or does it kind of make you want to become some sort of bachelor (bachelorette) and host a bunch of parties with tall models. No? Just me? Well then…

all images found via Munge Leung

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luxury resort.

With my vacation approaching in just a few short weeks, I can’t help but be drawn to a few incredibly beautiful, perfectly designed, immaculate retreats.

Amangiri in particular has really caught my eye. Located in Utah, practically in the middle of the desert, it isn’t the type of location you would think you’d typically want to get away to, until you check out these views.  

The hotel and spa have been designed to blend into their landscape with colour, materials, texture and scale, as to not disturb their surroundings. It’s incredible! Where do I sign up?


found via Alexandra Campbell via Amangiri

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a room with a view.

I’m back to work today, but I’m still feeling a little under the weather. I’m thinking I could probably nurse myself back to health much quicker if I could spend my time in one of these beds!

found via Black Eiffel, Destined to Design & Weheartit

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beach house.

Keeping in tune with all things summer (this seems fitting with this heat wave that doesn’t seem to want to let up), take a look at this incredible beach house designed by Murdock Young Architects. I wouldn’t mind getting away and spending the summer here, would you?!

The crisp white spaces, the sizable cathedral ceilings and the natural light pouring into each room are like a breath of fresh air.


all images found via Mudock Young

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dreamy gardens.

Since Summer is finally here, I though I’d put together a collection of dreamy gardens that I’ve been lusting after. So who’s willing to pay my way for the rest of the season so that I can lounge in one of these backyards while sipping sparkling lemonade? Anyone?  

found via Desire to Inspire, Unknown, Delight by Design, SFgirlbybay, Delight by Design, Unknown

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country girl.

all images found via Desire to Inspire via M. Elle

I always thought of myself as more of a city girl than anything else. But this farmhouse has me re-thinking all of my previous dreams! The mother-daughter design team, M. Elle, have done an incredible china job making the space feel warm and inviting, yet not too country. I’m impressed.

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pretty pink things.

Take a look at this fantastically girly Palm Springs home designed by New York based designer Moises Esquenazi.

all images found via Moises Esquenazi

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door crush.

I’m loving this collection of beautiful wooden doors. They really set the standard for the rest of the space.

found via unknown, Moises Esquenazi, & Desire to Inspire

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