spring has sprung


I can’t even begin to tell you how enamored I am with this shoot from the newest Kinfolk magazine. It’s weird in the best kind of way. It simply embodies my feelings surrounding upcoming seasons and has instantly given me that kick in the pants to will winter out the door. Spring, I am so ready for you!

59660011_v1_web59750005_v1_web159700004_v1_web 59760016_v1_web59630011_v1_websource & photography | Kinfolk

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around here: Come Up To My Room


DSC_0219| Made out of hair. It was disturbingly entertaining |

Each year, The Gladstone Hotel empties its rooms to make way for artists and designers alike to come in and transform each space. The event is entitled Come Up To My Room and it has quickly become one of my favourite yearly traditions. From deep and meaningful installations to silly, quirky and interactive displays it’s the perfect way to spend a thoughtful Sunday. Last weekend, I headed over to the west end of the city to take a look at what was in store and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Here’s just a glimpse of a few fantastic pieces that took over each surface of the hotel this year.

DSC_0183|yarn, strung every which way|

DSC_0190|one of my favourite pieces – entitled “dwell”|

DSC_0211|an oversized wreath made out of cut up yogurt containers|

DSC_0217|a wall filled with spools of thread|

IMG_2213|mixed media installation using wax & string|

IMG_2214|thousands of tiny pieces of paper, folded|


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amazing art:

amazing artsource

As a designer, art is the thing one thing I often find the most troublesome. Not only can it absolutely make or break a space, it’s such a personal experience and one that cannot be forced. As they say, art needs to find you (which can be frustrating at times, let me tell you!)  In general, it takes me a while to connect with a piece, and though there is no denying the incredible talent that exists in this world, there aren’t many pieces that have completely moved me to date. When I stumbled upon Florian Nicolles illustrations I stopped dead in my tracks. I feel very attached to each and every one of these pieces and I officially NEED to find a way to make them mine.



amazing art: aerial beaches


I am dying over these Gray Malin photographs of aerial beach views (taken from a helicopter no less!) Not only do I want to blow them up and hang them, well, everywhere, but I’m so tempted to dive right in and join all the fun.

I’m headed up to the cottage for the long weekend, but I’ll be back on Tuesday with more goodies! Have a good one, guys. xx

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sweet illustrations


I’m seriously loving these sweet illustrations. Painted by Katie Rogers as an exploration on viewing objects in a different light, they really strike a chord with me. I just adore the idea of a few conventional items stripped down to their bare bones.  How great would they be framed in a nursery?

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condo life: inexpensive art.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that our apartment is more or less complete in the decor department. Apart from the bedroom, which always seems to be the last place to receive that special touch (why is that?), everything else has fallen into place.

Most recently, we’ve added art to our otherwise naked foyer. After a recent stint at an antique store in Prince Edward County, I stumbled upon this beautiful burlap flour sack. For a mere $10 I decided that it needed to come home with me, not yet sure where it would end up. In the end, we framed it in a $34.99 Ikea frame, resulting in a huge, 28″ x 40″ piece of art for just a few dollars. It instantly warms up the empty wall in our entryway and I could not be more pleased with the results.

When we first moved in to our condo I was concerned how we would fill up our many, many blank walls on a quite limited budget. But with a little patience, and a touch of creativity it’s all coming together.

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currently coveting:

found here

An unbelievably reasonable Leigh Viner print, (or an even more reasonable original! A few hundred for an original painting is pretty spectacular). How beautiful are these?! I can just imagine them in so many settings.

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photography moves.

all photos found via photography moves (by Cylla von Tiedemann)

Cylla von Tiedemann, an incredibly talented Toronto based photographer, has just launched her new site: photography moves. Having a large knowledge and background in theatrical photography, she’s going to begin teaching workshops to those whom are eager to learn. These workshops are not your standard workshops though. Essentially, they will take place throughout the world, from Berlin to Montreal, to Mallorca and then some. The trip will encompass the entire travel experience from local food to culture to learning how to take gorgeous photos of talented dancers with the help of some of the worlds most incredible backdrops. How amazing would such an experience be?! I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

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help japan.

found via Design Crush via Rob Dobi

Buy art, help Japan. All of the proceeds from purchasing this beautiful piece go towards helping disaster recovery in Japan. What has happened is a tragedy unbeknownst to the vast majority of us and I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what each and every individual is going through at this very moment. Anything we can do to help, whether large or small, will not go unrecognized. 

Click here to make the purchase.
There are more here, if you’d rather another.



found here

Are you as sick of this blogging hiatus as I am? I feel like I’ve been gone for a year and I really miss you guys! Things are slowly (emphasis on this) getting back to normal around here, thank goodness. So far I’m totally on top of all of my new-to-me projects at work, and we’re almost done decorating our new apartment too (::happy dance::)! Unfortunately in order to be on the ball I’ve exhausted almost every molecule of energy I own and I seem to be coming down with some sort of bug. I’m ignoring it though. Ignorance is bliss, right?! Anyway, I did not come back here with the intent to complain (although a little cuddle and a smidgen of sympathy never hurt anyone).

We officially move on march 19th and I’m so excited for life to get back to normal. I have a bunch of fun things planned for when I do return, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, it’s taking all my effort to not climb into one of these cloud homes. How fun are they?!

I’ll be back as soon as I’m able

xx Jacquelyn


gabriel dawe.


found via Gabriel Dawe

Originally born in Mexico, Gabriel Dawe has always had a fascination with the intensity of colours that surrounded him in his birthplace. Using nothing but thread pulled taut over and over again, Gabriel has created these large-scale installations that are utterly brilliant. Being a young boy growing up in Mexico, the notion of textiles and thread was often thought to be an activity based solely for women, and thus forbidden for men. Gabriel challenges these social constructions with his installations and the result is mind-blowingly beautiful. The depth, movement, colour and attention to detail in his pieces creates what I think is fair to call a masterpiece.


coulson macleod.

found via Coulson Macleod

So as you all know, I was voted the Design Refuge October challenge winner. Yay!! My prize includes a print from the very talented Coulson Macleod and I need your help! Their work is pretty incredible; often made with reclaimed materials, each piece is unique and beautiful. I’ve narrowed it down to the above three and would love to know, which do you prefer? I just can’t decide.

As an aside, yesterday Coulson Macleod put together a really sweet feature on their blog about lark + linen. It’s the first time I’ve been featured since starting my blog last April and if you’d like to see it please take a look here. It truly made my day.


guilherme torres.


found via Alexandra Campbell via The Contemporist

It’s taken Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres no less than 10 years to complete his personal loft (something I worry about when having to decorate my future home. Being faced with so many amazing choices on a daily basis, how are you ever supposed to decide?!) During the process, he was faced with a plethora of issues that one must deal with when working with an older building; one such issue being wiring and cabling. With the use of strategically placed surface mounted electrical conduit he was able to deal with the additional necessary electrical affairs needed for a modern day lifestyle, while maintaining a certain aesthetic and a modest budget. I’m personally loving the idea of letting it all hang out. It could almost be said that the perfectly placed conduit eliminates the need for any artwork! I mean really, it could very well be considered a work of art in itself.

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incredible art.

found via Cup of Jo via Alexa Meade

This has completely blown my mind. Alexa Meade, a 24-year-old artist, has taken painting to a whole new level. Instead of painting people on canvas, she cuts out the middle man and simply paints the people themselves! The result is absolutely incredible.


miss matched.


found via Stuart McIntyre

Something a little different around these here parts. This house isn’t one that I would tend to be drawn to at first glance, but I thought I’d go a little crazy – let my hair down, if you will. No?

I believe I’m simply drawn to the eclectic feel of this space as it’s something a little out of my comfort zone. Photographer Stuart McIntyre has successfully captured the essence of this home. I’m convinced that the main element keeping these spaces together as a whole is the series of incredible, yet vastly different art that is hung within each room. The colours are mismatched, the furniture is contrasting in style, and the wallpaper is unexpected, yet it all works so perfectly, so seamlessly together.

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pretty in pink.

found via Concrete & Honey

With October being considered breast cancer awareness month, I feel it’s important that we all stop and recognize it for just a moment. I’m sure we’ve all been affected by this horrible disease in one way or another, and although we still have a ways to go, it’s nice to be able to give it some awareness. So ladies, check your tata’s! And go hug your mom while you’re at it; just because, why not? (Umm but don’t do that at the same time. That would just be awkward)

With that said, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you a new-to-me blog that I’m simply smitten with. Concrete & Honey, an Australian based blog, always seems to have the perfect amount of pink sprinkled throughout her place. (That, plus a beautiful eye for all things pretty to match!)

Happy October ladies!

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Evelina Bratell, a swedish design student, has created a line of clothing inspired by Barbie. While I’m not one to ever claim to be fashion savvy (although I do appreciate all forms of design), I’m really just in love with the play in scale that takes place in this pretty fantastic photo shoot.

post script: I used to have a dollhouse that looks almost identical to this one. Only mine was classier because I had christmas lights and an old vinyl tile stuck to the ”bathroom” floor to spruce the place up. I would then hide treats in all of the cupboards and let my hamster loose within. Too much fun! Anyway… tangent… Take a look!

found via Evelina Brattell

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dedicated art.

found via The Spotted Fox

Take a look at this artists incredible commitment to his craft. In 1965, at the age of 34, Roman Opalka decided he was going to spend the rest of his life counting to infinity to signify the passing of time. The. rest. of. his. LIFE. He begins each canvas at the top left corner and diligently writes out each number with the same hand on the same sized canvas each time. He completes each day with a self-portrait to further document his work. At 84 years old, he has now painted over 200 canvases, has well passed the five million mark and has no intention of quitting. He will be doing this until the day he dies. Insanely poetic, insanely dedicated, insanely insane.


letterpress calendar.

found via Seesaw

The ladies at Seesaw, a graphic design agency based in Arizona, have recently released their 2011 calendar. The letterpress calendar is incredibly designed with two months on each page. The edges are perforated, so once you’re through with each sheet, you’re able to rip the graphic portion of the calendar off and it can then be kept as artwork! Beautiful.

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One of the perks to working for the firm that I happen to be employed by is the incredible lunches we get to experience. Birthdays, goodbyes, friday afternoons or new hair dos… we like to celebrate. We like to eat!

We generally make our way out to the streets of Toronto and meander until we stumble upon something that fits the mood for the afternoon. Yesterday, we happened to venture on over to Brasaii for a co-workers belated birthday.

The food was tasty, but the space is what got me. With soaring ceilings, brick walls, wooden joists and original columns, the restaurant is luxurious, yet cozy, without being the least bit stuffy. The Design Agency, a Toronto based design firm, has done a wonderful job at melting industrial and traditional design together seamlessly with the mix of pottery barn lamps & neon artwork.  Perfection!

found via Brasaii

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a little art history.


unknown source


current obsession.

Barn doors. I’m loving this approach to an entry! It works especially well when there is a lack of space for a standard door to swing open. The oversized, unanticipated, rustic boldness of the following images make my eyes happy. They’re pieces of art in themselves and they truly make these rooms pop!

images found via Simply Grove, Style Files, Etc. 

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be right back.

found via Hat + Glasses

I’ll be on site this morning so please accept this as a place holder. I will be back this afternoon with some images of an incredible farm house that is making me want to grow myself some chickens! That’s right.


pretty pink things.

Take a look at this fantastically girly Palm Springs home designed by New York based designer Moises Esquenazi.

all images found via Moises Esquenazi

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let’s colour.

The Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide, ongoing project aimed at turning drab, grey spaces into bright, colourful ones. Take a look at this quick two-minute video here. The video was shot in four weeks, and it takes place in Brazil, France, London and India. It’s pretty amazing! The people in the video are not actors, but volunteers who came ready to roll up their sleeves and add some colourful cheer to our everyday lives. It makes both my eyes, and my heart smile (yeah, it does).

found via Let’s Colour Project


teeny gardens.

Pete Dungey, a graphic design student at the University of Brighton, plants gardens in the potholes throughout the UK. This seems like such a lovely idea! Not exactly practical, but lovely all the same. I really wish we had more Pete Dungey’s lying around. One in Toronto would be nice. Just putting that out there guys…

found via Cup of Jo via Pete Dungey

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