About lark & linen

This Toronto based lifestyle and design blog was created to showcase my ideas, my inspirations, and the things that make me tick. While it’s mostly design based (I love a good design), it also includes a glimpse into my world, a peep at my adventures within the interior design industry, and a lot of my little ramblings.


I would be happy to consider a sponsored post provided your company is in alignment with what Lark & Linen strives to showcase daily. Please take some time to go through my pages and ensure that your product is an organic fit with the Lark & Linen brand. It is important to note that I am very selective about which brands I decide to collaborate with. The fit must feel natural in order to be considered. Should you require more information, feel free email me at larkandlinen {at} gmail {dot} com

I am willing to host giveaways provided I feel as if your product is one in which my readers will both enjoy and benefit from. If you think your company is a good fit, please feel free email me at larkandlinen {at} gmail {dot} com

I will consider gifted items and product reviews provided yours is one in which I would gladly purchase myself. Your product must align with the aesthetic and brand that Lark & Linen portrays. Please note that there is no guarantee that your product will end up on the Lark & Linen pages. All reviews will be written in my own voice, and all opinions will always remain entirely my own whether the item has been gifted or not. Should you require more information, please feel free email me at larkandlinen {at} gmail {dot} com

Please note that I do occasionally use affiliate links. Lark & Linen is currently affiliated with RewardStyle which means that I may earn a small commission off of items that have been purchased through these links. It should be noted that not all links are affiliate links, and I would never link to anything I would not fully endorse. The items in which I link to through RewardStyle are items I genuinely enjoy and would purchase myself without question.

Lark & Linen will not accept any gifted items, sponsored posts or giveaways if they are not products that I would otherwise blog about. My readers trust is invaluable and all opinions will remain entirely my own when participating in these types of posts.

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