Scenes from my Week

Donut cookies! {Counting down the days until I can eat these babies, from Bake Shoppe}

Last night I attended a fabulous event at Moroco Chocolat bar, and if that wasn’t enough to test my will power, I don’t know what is! Luckily, this whole no chocolate in November thing officially ends in just a few short days. But I won’t lie, it pretty much took all my willpower not to stuff handful after handful of goodies into my purse for the future (don’t worry mom, I didn’t!). Come Tuesday though, I make no promises. 

In addition to said chocolate extravaganza, I also attended a girl friend’s Blooms, Braids & Beauty workshop on Sunday and I kind of wish I could do that every week! It was an all out girl fest of the loveliest variety. We learnt how to create beautiful braids, as evidence below, whip up a five minute face (where I learnt I’ve been putting my bronzer on all wrong – oops), and make flower crowns! It’s like pure joy around here, if you can’t tell. 

Happy weekend friends! I hope you’re all familied out, and stuffed to the brim with turkey and fixins’. xox

Homemade flower crown {I made this!}

Pretties in mason jars {the girliest of workshops}

The dutch braid!  {I did this!}

Beautiful goodies {picking up some goodies for an event I’m hosting next week} 

All images original to Lark & Linen

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Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Kale and brussels sprout salad: SO much more delicious than it sounds! And super healthy, too.

Growing up I was, hands down, the pickiest eater on the planet. Until I was thirteen years old, I survived solely off of chicken fingers, buttered noodles and a carrot stick here and there as necessary. How I didn’t perish from scurvy, I’ve yet to understand, but this may explain my 5’3 frame. Thankfully, I’ve come a very long way sine my pre-teen years but have to admit that, even at 28 years of age, I’ve yet to come around to the whole kale thing. That is, until now. 

My step-mom introduced me to this kale and brussels sprouts salad recipe a few months back, and it’s since become a weekly staple around here. I know, my thirteen year old self would be appalled. But apparently the secret to eating kale, which is typically tough and slightly bitter, is chopping it super finely, and loading it up with freshly squeezed lemon, toasted almonds and a generous handful of parmesan. I mean, anything topped with parm is aces in my book, but this recipe in particular is well worth a go! 

Healthy, nutritious, delicious, kale & brussels sprouts salad kale & brussel sprouts salad recipe!

Click here for more recipes! And read on for this one…

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DIY Gold Dipped Place Cards

DIY thanksgiving project! Cute place cards 
Hello there, friends! Always a pleasure to be back here in the Lark & Linen space! I’m pretty excited about today’s Thanksgiving DIY – mostly because it combines all my favorite things – calligraphy, shiny gold, and nature… oh, and the holidays!

Perfect for upcoming Thanksgiving, or even for Christmas, these gold leaf dipped place cards (and/or decor pieces) will be a nice keepsake for your friends + family when they’re over for holiday brunch/lunch/dinner/gift giving and then some… don’t you think?

I’m sure you’ve all collected some of the gorgeous fall leaves that are currently covering our sidewalks. And this is a great way to put them to use! Simply follow the steps below. xo, Coco & Mingo

Inexpensive thanksgiving DIY!Cute placecard idea!Gold dipped place card DIY
Dried leaves
Gilding adhesive
Gold leaf
Metal leaf sealer

No 1::  I first tried flattening them for a day within the pages of a book (but be warned, it takes a few days for the moisture to draw from the leaves in order for the “flatness” to stick).

No 2::  Apply thin layer of gilding adhesive. Let dry for ~15 minutes.

No 3::  Apply gold (aluminum or copper, your choice!) leaf, brush on to make it stick to adhesive.

No 4::  Apply thin layer of metal leaf sealer on top of imitation gold leaf.

Create place cards or gift tags by painting your family/friends’ names and/or create display decor pieces by writing holiday sayings, quotes, or a list of things you’re thankful for
DIY, Photography & Styling: Coco & Mingo


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