Easter Egg Place Cards

Easter DIY
Easter has kind of snuck up on us, hasn’t it?! All the same, I’m pretty excited about it. As kids, my family and I would always get together in and around this time to decorate eggs, followed by an enthusiastic egg hunt that always resulted in amazing prizes and goodies to be won. Oh, nostalgia…

As adults living in a big city, I feel like many of us have to resort to other Easter traditions. On my mind lately: a pretty festive gathering! I made these Easter egg place cards (place eggs?) for my guests. They were super easy to do, and made my Easter table significantly more festive. Grab the details below! XO, Coco & Mingo

Easter DIY Watercolor easter eggs Easter eggs Easter Place Cards

Large white eggs
Bamboo skewers
Watercolor paint
Paint brushes (2)
Gold leaf (or gold paint)
Gold leaf adhesive
Cardstock paper
Sewing needle or pushpin
Glue or tape
1/8″ masking or blue painter tape (optional)

|STEP 1|
With the sewing needle, poke a hole into each end of the egg. Wiggle the needle around until the hole is just large enough to fit the skewer through both ends.

|STEP 2|
Stick the skewer inside the egg to pierce the yolk. Then, stick the straw on one side of the hole and blow the inside of the egg into a bowl. (Don’t throw the insides of the egg out! It makes for one heckuva breakfast omelette!)

|STEP 3|
Rinse, clean, and towel dry the now empty (and fragile!) egg shells.

|STEP 4|
Wrap the the 1/8″ masking tape around the egg to create a fun and unique pattern. Keep in mind that whatever pattern is underneath the tape will appear white when you remove it.

|STEP 5|
Paint the egg with watercolor paint, painting over the masking tape and let dry.

|STEP 6|
Remove masking tape and use a brush to paint the gold leaf adhesive in whatever pattern you choose (or brush gold paint directly onto the egg!) Then let dry for 10 minutes. 

|STEP 7|
Once adhesive has dried slightly, apply the gold leaf and set it.

|STEP 8|
Use clean brush to wipe away excess gold leaf.

|STEP 9|
In your prettiest penmanship, write or print your guest names on cardstock paper and glue or tape them to the bamboo stick.

|STEP 10|
Fit the bamboo stick into the holes in the egg. Keep the bamboo in place by using pretty pastel-colored washi tape to cover both holes of the egg! And voila! You have a fun (and personalized) gold speckled Easter egg for all your friends and family.

Happy Easter and happy crafting!

lineDIY, Photography & Styling: Coco & Mingo  



DIY Lucky Leather Magnets

DIY lucky leather magnets

Hey guys! Lexy from Proper here and I’m so excited to share a little project while Jacquelyn is off touring terrific Thailand!

I’m on a bit of a leather kick. And a gold leaf kick. So it’s only fitting that we find some way to incorporate those two trends into a project for St. Patrick’s Day! Skip the green and go right to the gold, my friends, with these simple DIY magnets! They’re in the shape of a 4-leaf clover so they’re holiday-themed, but they can totally grace your refrigerator or inspiration board all year round!

Homemade magnet DIY DIY lucky magnets Gold leafed magnets (an easy DIY) Easy DIY

leather (real or faux!)
permanent marker
gold leaf with adhesive
stick-on round magnets

|STEP 1|
This really is just the easiest! I free-handed my four-leaf clover, but if you’re stuck, simply find an image online and copy as best you can! Draw the clover on the back of the leather and cut out carefully.

|STEP 2|
Paint a little adhesive on the front of each clover and wait a few minutes for it to become tacky. Once it’s ready, press the gold leaf sheet onto the clover until all the adhesive is covered! Brush away any flakes and you’re almost done!

|STEP 3|
Next, it’s time to make them into magnets! You guessed it. You simply add a round stick-on magnet to the back of each clover. And you’re all set! If you want the magnet to be a little sturdier, you can absolutely hot glue it in place. But I’m too lazy to do that! ;)

|STEP 4|
Now, place these babies all over your house and feel lucky every time you see one!

DIY magnets

PS: 7 other St. Patrick’s Day DIY’s that aren’t totally lame

linePhotography, Styling & DIY: Proper


DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes


Hi Lark & Linen readers! I’m so glad to be here today! Seeing that Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner (along with some of the coldest temperatures in the country…ugh!!), I thought I’d share a quick printable for ya! I got these 3x3x3″ boxes from my nearest craft store (which you can also find at the Container store), and with the intention of gifting friends with Valentine’s macarons, I thought I’d sweeten these boxes up by creating these printable love labels for them. Just download them here, wrap them around the box and tape them up using your favorite washi tape! Super simple, inexpensive, totally cute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!! xo, Coco & Mingo

Valentines printable_2Valentines printable_5Valentines printable_4Valentines printable_6
DIY, Photography & Styling: Coco & Mingo contributor-badge_coco-mingo


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The Love Potion Cocktail

The "love potion" cocktail! Blackberry thyme + champagne <3

Though we don’t typically do a whole lot when it comes to Valentine’s Day around here, I do like to commemorate the occasion in some small way each year. Whether it’s a homemade dinner with girlfriends or a blanket fort with my man friend, there’s one thing that should always be considered and that’s a festive beverage. Not to fear – I’ve got you covered. This right here is the best Valentine’s day cocktail in existence! One part blackberry syrup, one part sparkling wine, with a little bit of love sprinkled in for good measure. It’s pink, it’s sparkly, it’s the perfect concoction for the upcoming holiday.  

Blackberry thyme sparkling cocktail Blackberry thyme sparkling cocktail Blackberry thyme sparkling cocktail Blackberry thyme sparkling cocktail

Click here for more recipes! And read on for this one…


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You Are So Loved, Darling

Free desktop wallpaper!You are loved, darling

Hi friends, it’s Angela from Saffron Avenue bringing you this months newest desktop wallpaper! And yes, it’s the month of ‘LOVE’ so how about we decorate our computers with these free Valentine’s day desktop wallpapers… because you are so loved, darling! Enjoy and make sure to download your favorite one below!




ps – download past month’s desktop wallpapers right here! 

Graphic Design & Copy: Saffron Avenue

Saffron Avenue

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Silent Night, Holy Night…

Merry Christmas

And with that, I’m off for a few days to love on my family, soak up my brand new niece, and imbibe in food and drink of the Christmas variety. Before I go,  I just wanted to pop in with a quick note to wish you all a very merry, most wonderful of all wonderful Holidays. And if, for whatever reason, the Christmas season leaves you with sadness of any sort, please know that you are in my thoughts today and always. Thank you, everyone, for coming here each and every day to spend a little time with me. Love to you all! I’ll “see” you in 2015. XOX

O Christmas tree Cheers!
Joyeux Noel: I Fall in Chocolate | Christmas Tree: Thymes | Tablescape: Ginny Branch


Glamorous Christmas Home Tour

White Christmas

In Christmas home tours of years’ past, we’ve done a little bit of everything. We’ve gone simple, we’ve gone totally country cozy, and we’ve gone somewhere in between. But we’ve yet to really delve deep into a totally glam, gilded and gold, over the top Christmas affair. So before this beautiful holiday slips away from us, let’s all soak in this glamorous Christmas home tour, shall we?

Gilded mirror Snowwy tree Christmas treats Holiday treats White bedroom Elegant Sparkly Christmas


lineSource: Style at Home | Photography: Janis Nicolay

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My Christmas Dinner Party for 20


A few weeks ago, the sweet folks at Artemano invited me to host a dinner at their furniture showroom. The idea was simple: they provide the location, I deck it out as I see fit, and then invite twenty of my nearest and dearest along for the ride. Being the self-proclaimed holiday aficionado I am, I set out to design a simple, elegant, yet undeniably festive Christmas dinner party. The comfy-cozy stick-to-your-ribs type where dinner is rich, and wine is aplenty. With the help from Sweet Woodruff & Coco & Mingo, what resulted was a magical evening filled to the brim with food, drink and laughter by candlelight (so much candlelight!) Plates were stacked with wood-smoked brisket and spiced salads, glasses were filled (and re-filled) without our realizing, and mini s’more tartlets (and apple turnovers!) were enjoyed by all. At the risk of tooting my own horn (and there’s a very good chance I’m biased), it was the most romantic 20-person dinner party I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending! A night I most certainly won’t ever forget.

Of course, my darling friend Heidi Lau was there to capture it all – and I had to resist squealing when her photos landed in my inbox the other day. I apologize in advance for the abundance of documentation – but I seriously had trouble narrowing it all down… 

A Holiday Tablescape

A holiday table Christmas table Tufted chairs Festive tablescape DIY Menus Christmas tablescape Cozy vibeChristmas tablescape Stamped favor bags Setting a Christmassy table Simple festive decor
Chicken lolipops Romantic

Note: though Artemano did kindly foot the bill for the evening (thanks again guys!) this is not a sponsored post. In fact, I wasn’t even asked to write a post  but I truly couldn’t help myself!

linePhotography: Heidi Lau | Tablescape Design & Execution: Lark & Linen Interior Design | Garland: Sweet Woodruff | Menu: Coco & Mingo | Furniture & Venue: Artemano 

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Moody Holiday Home Tour

Rustic moments

Though I’ll never trade in my city girl ways for good, it’s in and around this time each year that I yearn for a rural home to plant some roots. And if you’re going to do it, you may as well go all out, you know? Like this gorgeous barn turned home, for example. Decorated with subtly glam elements set against rustic elements, this moody holiday home tour is unexpected and lovely in the very best of ways. Essentially: a dreamy place to spend the holidays. 

Moody bedroom Industrial kitchen Rustic christmas Rustic Christmas


lineSource: KK Living

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12 Simple Ways to Decorate for Christmas

12 simple ways to decorate for Christmas!
You’d think that my self-proclaimed Christmas obsession would mean that I want said holiday to throw up everywhere. But, weirdly enough, just the opposite is true. For me, less always seems more. A tiny evergreen sprig at a place setting, a simple gilded mug, or an elegant little shrub wrapped in burlap… It’s the little touches that tend to go a really long way. Here are 12 great examples of simple ways to decorate for christmas!

Christmas tree alternative {cute Christmas tree alternative}

Boxwood wreath on a gilded mirror {a simple boxwood wreath on a gilded mirror}

Simple Christmas decor {a tiny touch of greenery}

DIY Christmas Tree Basket{a homemade Christmas tree basket}

Festive place setting {elegant place settings}

Simple Christmas decor {a tiny tree wrapped in burlap} 

Tiny tree in a box {table top tree in a vintage box}

Wool stockings {wool stockings}

Gingerbread moose {simple gingerbread moose decorated with royal icing}

Festive gallery wall  {unassuming details}

Tiny sprigs of greenery {a little table top love}

Homemade gingerbread house {and homemade gingerbread houses}


First Image: Wing Ta | Gingerbread House Kit: SMP Living | Christmas Tree Basket: SMP Living | Tabletop Christmas Tree: Unknown | Jarred Tree: My Scandinavian Home | Simple Boxwood Wreath: Unknown | Place Setting: Kara Rosenlund | Tree Wrapped in Burlap: Lantliv | Christmas Cookies: Unkown | Wool Stockings: La Petite Cuisine | Christmas Mantle: Originally posted here | Taped Decor: Gardenista | Wall Tree: Almost Makes Perfect

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