Coffee Talk

My dear Clara recently tagged me in this fun little project entitled Coffee Talk. Essentially, she answered a handful of questions and asked 4 people to do the same. And since it’s Friday and all, I thought it’d be the perfect time to get it out there. Without further ado, here are a few bits and pieces you may (or may not have!) known about yours truly. 

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And now it’s my turn to tag some of my favourites! Leah, Tobe, Molly & Sally aaaand Samantha, you girls are up! 

Couryard Photo:  Buffy Dekmar Photography  for SMP Living | New York City Photo: Bryce Covey Photography for SMP Living | Honeycomb Studio Ceramics: Buffy Dekmar Photography   for SMP Living

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15 Responses to “Coffee Talk”
  1. Corina Nika says:

    It was nice getting to know a little bit more about you!

  2. Love this!! And all of these little bit and pieces of your life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love learning these new things about you, my dear!! Oh, I would love to see your ceramic collection – I would like to expand mine too, handmade ceramics are the most beautiful things! :) And the next time you’re in this amazing city of NYC, let’s be sure to meet up! Have a lovely weekend! xo

  4. Anna @ IHOD says:

    K loved this!
    I am so late to the Bon Iver train too but at least I found it;)
    Also, I just think its fantastic that you are doing your dream job!

    Everyone wishes for that!

  5. Courtney says:

    That photo of the ceramics is actually my work and came from my small batch ceramics shop, Honeycomb Studio. Buffy came and photographed my studio and took so many gorgeous pictures. I stumbled upon your post when I noticed that Anthropologie pinned that picture on Pinterest. Thanks so much for including my work in your fabulous blog :)

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Yes!! I actually wrote that post for SMP Living ;) I totally meant to link to you, I’m so sorry. Brain fart on my behalf! All fixed now. Thank you for stopping by. xox

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