Guest Post: Scenes from Sweet Thing’s Weekend

Jessie_Scenes_01 {My favorite breakfast at home. Greek yogurt with jam from SQIRL, blueberries and coffee}

Hi, Jessie here from Sweet Thing. When Jacquelyn asked me to guest post, I thought it would be fun to carry on her weekly tradition of “Scenes From My Weekend” with my own version.

As a freelance photographer, weekends have become somewhat obsolete since I always have work to do. But this past weekend was wonderful from start to finish. I still had work obligations and photo editing to finish up, but I made sure to make time for a little fun as well. Other than an insanely fun 90’s themed dance party on Friday night, I had no real plans. Sometimes I find those to be the best kind of weekends. I wondered around my neighborhood, went to my local farmer’s market and record store, drank lots of delicious coffee, walked around the Silver Lake Reservoir and grabbed drinks with friends. The weather was warm and perfect. It’s weekends like these that make me love living in LA more than ever.

Jessie_Scenes_02{Admiring the beautiful blooms at Clementine}

Jessie_Scenes_03 {Peach season has begun at the farmer’s market}

Jessie_Scenes_04{A stop at my local record store Vacation Vinyl, to pick up the new Vampire Weekend}

Jessie_Scenes_05{A cocktail at Bar Stella}

Jessie_Scenes_06{Coffee and a donut at Broome Street General Store after a morning walk around the reservoir}

Jessie_Scenes_07{Wine with friends at Jay’s Bar}
A big thank you to dear Jessie! I can’t even begin to describe how honoured I am to have THE Jessie Webster’s personal photos up on my pages.

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