house envy: high contrast

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Though I’m typically drawn to bright white spaces, Justin tends to land in the opposite camp. He prefers dark, masculine, moody ones that beg to be curled up in after a long day. When we first moved in together, it became a bit of a challenge for me to incorporate both of our styles into one cohesive space. It’s been two years now, and we’ve finally managed to strike the perfect balance between both of our aesthetics. Black and white, with texture thrown in for some much needed warmth. It doesn’t happen ALL too often, but I’m pretty sure we’d both agree that this space fits the bill.

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9 Responses to “house envy: high contrast”
  1. Elise says:

    This house is so beautiful. I’m ready to move in. My favorite is definitely the bathroom sink and the outdoor space.

  2. There’s something so striking about black and white together. Especially white with pops of black here and there!

  3. Alexa says:

    I am loving the black and white. These spaces are just gorgeous!

  4. Andrea says:

    I love this space. The natural light and abundance of greenery keep it from being too sterile. Gorgeous.

  5. ah such a big fan of exposed shelving!!

  6. Liz Bachman says:

    I love this space. Minimalist, yet tranquil.

  7. Hannah S says:

    I love love love the bathroom but the other rooms are great too. When I think of black accenting a room in my head it seems like it would make every thing dark yet here everything seems brighter because of the black add ons. The exposed shelving is fantastic, I wish I could clean up my shelves well enough that it looks more decorative rather then just storage :)

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