house envy: au natural

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You might think that once you’ve seen one neutral home, you’ve seen them all. But I am here to prove to you that this is not the case. Not even in the slightest! This particular Antwerpian home plays with the use of scale and texture to create a neutral, natural space that is anything but boring. And if you know me at all by now, you’ll know that I’m totally, completely, 100% on board.

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15 Responses to “house envy: au natural”
  1. tinajo says:

    Oh, this is so calming and beautiful – love it! :-)

  2. Oh wow, this place is spectacular!! It kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. Can I have it?! ;)

  3. Sophie says:

    this place is beautiful. i could easily see myself living there!

  4. Leigh says:

    I always love the fresh white spaces! I especially love the loft picture with the bed and a ladder to go up, and the open bathroom!

  5. Chloe Moon says:

    Wow, I’m a big fan of color but this house is breathtakingly beautiful!! =)

  6. Michelle says:

    This is one beautiful home! I’m slowly inching my place towards that kind of aesthetic. I really love that rug in the dining room the best!

  7. Neutral spaces… big fan! This just kills me! I couldn’t agree more… it’s all in the details, mix of texture and materials. The light in that house is amazing.

  8. That’s completely wonderful. I absolutely adore the ropes going up the stairwell to act as a “bannister” – took me a few moments to work out what was going on there!

  9. Aix says:

    I love this! It’s so inviting a house. Thanks for sharing!

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