savouring summer

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It’s in and around this time that I usually begin to crave the shift in seasons. Crisp mornings, rich foliage and big mugs of steeping hot cider are generally the things my dreams are made of. For reasons unbeknownst to me, this year I’m just not quite ready yet. While my fellow bloggers have begun shifting their focus from light and bright to rich and moody, I’ll be over here soaking up just a few more moments of summer. There’s still plenty of time for ice cream outings and backyard barbecues, if you ask me.

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9 Responses to “savouring summer”
  1. I can definitely go for fall. I prefer that weather. It’s been years since I’ve spent a summer in FL and it was hot and bothersome, so I’m ready for the rest of my wardrobe + layer!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      I just need a week or two more and I think I’ll be on board with you. I just haven’t gotten my fill of ice cream and beaches QUITE yet

  2. Alyssa says:

    I think it’s maybe because I’m now working full time and don’t have as much time to spend outside enjoying the weather, but I’m not ready to let summer go yet either. While I am craving cozy fall clothes, I can’t bring myself to let go of the long summer days and perfect nights just yet!

    The Glossy Life

  3. I love this!! After our slight shift from cooler to warmer, I’m right there with you!

  4. I’m so not over summer yet! I still need to make at least 3 more trips to the beach.

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