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I’ve gotten a number of questions regarding my new site design and I thought that it’d be fun to do a little round up of images that originally inspired the new look. I, of course, cannot take credit for the re-design as I worked with a wonderful graphic artist who not only prettified every last little bit (including but not limiting to hand drawing my logo), but also helped me wade through all the madness that came along with coding and the like. When we first began the process, Aprile asked me to send her a handful of images that evoked the feeling I wanted to create. Above are a few that made the cut. A collection of lovely things juxtaposed with just a hint of edge, and a soft yet spirited palette of colours that has been translated into a space that is so very me. I honestly could not be more pleased.

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13 Responses to “a new look”
  1. Julia says:

    I love these colors, very soft and also romantic. I particularly like the first picture, with the bedroom!

  2. brighton says:

    it looks awesome!! Love it.

  3. i adore these inspiration images. I did something similar when I redesigned my blog, but I never thought to put them on a board like this! great idea!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      I never really realized how helpful an inspiration board is until now. When I sent my images to Aprile she got an immediate sense of what I was after. This design is pretty much her very first iteration she ever presented to me (just based off of my images). We went back and forth and came up with a few different ideas, but ultimately ended up back at the very first one. Its amazing how it solidifies everything!

  4. I love your style Jacquelyn! :)

  5. I love what the collection as a whole evokes! Perfect for your style and site!

  6. Shoko says:

    What a beautiful collection! These all seem very “you,” which I guess is exactly the point – well done! :)

  7. Hilary says:

    Beautiful redesign, Jacquelyn! I know how much work and thought goes into something like this and I’m thoroughly impressed. You’ve managed to make this space clean and fresh while also staying unique and original.

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