tasty treats: grilled zucchini ribbon salad

In an effort to add more greens to my diet, I’ve been attempting to create big, tasty salads to pair with dinner. Inspired by this recipe for grilled zucchini ribbon salad,  I made my own variation to suit my preferred taste. I switched out the arugula for baby spinach, the hazelnuts for pine nuts (since I had them on hand), and the parmesan for feta. The combination of the zucchini paired with the toasted pine nuts, and fresh feta made this dish anything but boring and I would gladly add it to my meal rotation. The results are as pretty as they are tasty (which is always a bonus in my eyes), and it definitely looks like a lot of effort was executed when in reality it only took a few minutes.

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17 Responses to “tasty treats: grilled zucchini ribbon salad”
  1. thehungrymum says:

    This looks just gorgeous & so healthy. I love nuts in salads for crunch.

  2. I have been eating lots of greens lately, too. This looks fabulous and I will definitely have to try it! Plus, I love anything with feta…

  3. betronica says:

    Looks good, I love grilled and roasted zucchini! I can’t stand it raw though. The feta sounds like an even better idea than the parm.

  4. Nom nom nom!! This looks so healthy AND delicious.

    PS: your blog is awesome. Following from here on out.

  5. I need to try this immediately!

  6. That looks beautiful and really wholesome.

  7. This looks amazing. I have been trying to eat more greens too. I will be making this next week for sure! Thanks!

  8. Alexa says:

    Love how they look like pretty little ribbons…and so healthy! Bonus!

  9. Casey says:

    This looks so amazing and I already have everything in my fridge! Thanks for sharing x

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