bits and pieces of Victoria.

Before even having the opportunity to chat with Victoria, I had considered her a friend. She is one of those people who exude warmth and kindness and I’m so pleased to have gotten to know her over the last little while. Besides the fact that she would be the perfect companion to sit and chat with over a bottle of wine into the wee hours of the morning, she’s supremely talented (and ambitious) to boot. All qualities in which I’m instantly attracted to. Having just quit her day job to launch her own lifestyle services company, Vivaleur, I have no doubt that she’ll become a power-house of a woman (in the best possible way). If you’ve yet to visit her blog, vmac + cheese, I highly suggest you do. And here are some bits + pieces of Victoria…

::A random fact::
I don’t have pierced ears. I just never got them as a kid and have no desire to do so as an adult!

::Your go-to recipe::
I love making ‘green chicken.’ You can make it with a whole chicken or individual pieces. It’s basically tons of herbs, lemon zest and juice, olive oil and lots of salt and pepper rubbed under the skin of the chicken and all over. The secret is to leave it alone in the oven, and whatever you do, don’t overcook it. It’s the best chicken recipe ever. (No.1)

::You can’t live without::
My day planner. I switched back to a paper-based planner this year and it’s changed my life. I would be lost without it!

::Currently coveting::
Since I’ve recently left my day job, I’m on a pretty strict budget right now! I’m trying to not even LOOK at my favorite shopping sites…it’s just too dangerous! So, I’ll be extremely boring and say a printer. I need a new one, badly. I’m thinking about this one…though choosing one is more overwhelming than it should be!

::Your daily reads::
For blogs, there are too many to count!! Some of my favorites are over here. The only magazine I read religiously is Vanity Fair. It’s always such a great mix of pop culture, current events, human interest, and photography.

::On your playlist::
I’m still listening to the latest Coldplay album. And lately, when working from home, Pandora’s basically on all day.

::Your favourite quote::
“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.” — Diane vonFurstenberg (No.2)

::On your night stand::
A stack of design books (this one and this one included), and my Nook color. I also always keep some of this hand lotion on standby. Put a little bit on right before bed and your hands are super soft in the morning. (No.3)

::Your favourite designer::
Everyday: J.Crew. Dream dresses: Elie Saab or Jenny Packham (No.4)

::In your wishing well::
Some fine day, I’d like to write a book!

::Your dream home::
clean lines, lots of bright, natural light, a neutral color palette, and lots of objects that have stories behind them. (No.5)

::Your happy place::
I have two. One: Snuggled up in bed with a magazine and a cup of tea. Two: Napa, California, sharing a great meal and a bottle of wine with my fiance on a warm day.

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20 Responses to “bits and pieces of Victoria.”
  1. Charlotte says:

    This is lovely, I love your bits and pieces columns – I always find the best new blogs to follow

    Will be popping over now to have a proper read through of Victoria’s content :)

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered my giveaway?

  2. Ranu says:

    I love this series! Victoria’s blog is so wonderful and I love seeing her favorite picks–that green chicken looks delicious too! Gorgeous layout and great blogger to feature!

  3. I always love learning a little more about V. I want in on that wine into the wee hours, please! oxox

  4. You’re right, Victoria totally exudes warmth and kindness! She is so approachable and friendly. Glad to have “meet her” via blogging. Love that Napa is one of your favorite places – going for the first time next week!

  5. Alexa says:

    Oh I adore Victoria. She is such a daily inspiration for me!

  6. Thanks for having me today, Jacquelyn!!! And Tobe, you’re totally in!

  7. Victoria is one of my absolute favorite bloggers! And what an inspiration!

  8. I love Victoria! Great guest post :)

  9. i totally agree with Lonely Wife Project… Victoria is one of my favourite bloggers too :) xx

  10. Victoria is hands down one of my favorites – I never miss a day of her blog. Great questions! I love that she uses a paper day planner. I swear by them (and thought I was alone!)
    XO – Marion

  11. LOVE Victoria- she’s a total sweetheart with so much style…can’t wait for her new site to launch!

  12. Love this post – and love Victoria. I completely agree that she just exudes warmth! I’m also so happy to have found your blog and have already added it to my google reader. Have a great weekend!

  13. Shoko says:

    I agree with Charlotte – love this series. Victoria sounds great – can’t wait to check out her blog.

  14. Nikki White says:

    Stumbled across your blog on the Everygirl. What a calm, serene and utterly inspiring blog. Tres lovely.

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