tasty treats: french meringues.

Truth be told, my primary reasoning behind testing out this recipe was that I wanted to put my new mixer to good use and didn’t feel like exerting a lot of additional effort. As mentioned, I was left with a ton of free time last weekend (hallelujah) and found myself craving something sweet to munch on while watching more than my fair share of silly movies. These french meringues proved to be just the ticket. With the use of two simple ingredients, the results were sweet and crunchy yet still managed to melt in your mouth the way meringue is intended. They quickly satisfied my mid-afternoon craving without a ton of fuss, or major calories.

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30 Responses to “tasty treats: french meringues.”
  1. sophie says:

    they look amazing!!! i am so jealous of your new mixer. i am dying to get one! when i do, these will be the first things i make! x

  2. tinajo says:

    I love meringues! Oh, and I linked to you yesterday but forgot to tell you (very typical of me, haha)! :-)

  3. Stacey says:

    Ohh these look lovely! I’ve got the easiest recipe for mini (Individual, if you like come dine with me) lemon meringue pies that I’ve never actually tried but would really like to. Seeing how easy this is definitely makes me want to try it.. maybe after tomorrows exam! xx

  4. oh i just got a new mixer as well! going to definitely test these out, who can argue with two ingredients! thank you! ~ alex.


  5. Your new mixer is heaven! I just has some pink and white meringues for the styling in my kitchen shoot and LOVED the way they looked- never mind how good they tasted…so pretty!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      oh my gosh it didn’t even cross my mind to turn them pink!! I’ll have to do it again. That may be the only thing that could make them better than they are

  6. Mommy says:

    My favourite dessert in the whole world is meringues with raspberry sauce and real whipped cream..My Aunt used to make them for me when i was a child:)

  7. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!
    Your french meringues look splendid! I am definitely going to try to make these!

  8. The top picture is literally amazing. I’m so impressed by this blog. I love meringues.

  9. I am also so jealous of your mixer. I was making marshmallows last night, and the 20 minutes of mixing was taking a serious toll on my poor little handheld blender.
    I love the look of your meringues. Have you ever made them with little bits of food colouring in ’em? I love doing that for festive occasions, and find they’re the easiest little treats to bring to parties!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Marshmallows are now on my list to attempt! I never wanted to try with my hand mixer – poor little guy

      I actually didn’t think to add food colouring but I absolutely will next time

  10. I’ve been aching for that mixer forever!

  11. Jordana says:

    yummy white mini mountain peaks. nice work!

  12. I wish I had a mixer so I could try this! They look so delicious and so very pretty.

  13. Meta Musings says:

    I’m convinced! No major calories, crunchy and sweet….yes, please!!

  14. Jessie M says:

    Love the yellow! Mine is white and getting a little rusty! Luckily, they last forever.

  15. Anna @ IHOD says:

    I have always wanted to know how to make these. Thank you so much for sharing! They look divine!

  16. rachel says:

    Thanks so much for trying it out! I actually haven’t made these since I posted the recipe… I definitely need to again. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Jacquelyn :)

  17. Suzanne says:

    Ahh! I *love* meringues but I’ve always been too scared to try making them myself. Seeing that you managed to do it (and even succeed in having them look pretty!) I am encouraged to try making them.

    Loved this post! :)

  18. This looks beautiful! I love meringues — they’re so easy and are deceptively fancy looking. I like adding in different extracts too for a tiny bit of flavor (peppermint, rose water, orange extract…yum).

  19. I love all things meringue, especially meringues. I just made a pavlova yesterday and now you have me craving meringues!

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