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I’m so excited to have Molly, one of the sisters from A Piece of Toast, here today. If you haven’t yet visited their blog, I highly suggest you do. These girls have a way with words, and a serious eye for style.

And here are some bits and pieces of  Molly:
::A random fact::
 I can’t laugh out loud.  It’s supremely awkward and very unnatural, but unless something is really, REALLY fun I literally can’t/won’t laugh.  I usually have to smile and say “oh, that’s so funny.”  I swear I have emotions!  I think this non-laughing thing runs in my family… (No.1)

::Your go-to recipe::
Now that it’s colder, I will be making batch after batch of Ina Garten’s Chicken Chili (found in her Barefoot Contessa Parties! cookbook).  Even though it’s a warm dish, it always tastes fresh and all the chopping of onions and peppers is well worth it! (No.2)

::You can’t live without::
My iPhone (sad but true) and my stash of chapsticks, lip balms, lipsticks and lip glosses that I take with me everywhere.

::Currently coveting::
Tough one because I have a wish list a mile long – but I’ve been dreaming about these Persol sunnies since the beginning of August and they are now at the top of my Christmas list! (No.3)

::Your daily reads::

Besides lark+linen I stalk a TON of blogs daily… Too many to list but a few absolute must reads are: The Daybook, Amber Interiors, vmac+cheese, Could I Have That, and Elements of Style.  I’m so far behind on all my magazine subscriptions – InStyle, ELLE Décor, and Bon Appétit – that I try to read a bit of them everyday so I can tackle my stack of past issues!

::On your playlist::

The new Coldplay album – Mylo Xyloto – is pretty wonderful.  And I will never get tired of listening to Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch.

::Your favourite quote::
“Isn’t it wonderful, what clever girls can do” – Peter Pan
My mom has that quote on a frame with a picture of her and her girlfriends and whenever I look at it I’m thinking “Clever girls can do ANYTHING we want!” I think women are amazing and inspiring.

::On your night stand::
Stacks of magazines and books, a Jonathan Adler platinum piggy bank, a needlepoint coaster I made way back in high school, and a ceramic egg crate from Anthopologie that I use to hold all my delicate necklaces and tiny earrings.

::Your favourite designer::
Tough but I’d have to say that I’ve always been consistently in love with Missoni for about ever. (No.4)

::In your wishing well::
Travel – to anywhere and everywhere.  And make a career decision that scares and excites me.

::Your dream home::
Tons of natural light, warm wood floors, killer furniture/art/lighting, and lots and lots of laughter. (No.5)

::Your happy place::
My bed or my mama’s kitchen.  Both are supremely relaxing and give way to lots of thinking and day dreaming!

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