one piece, two looks.


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I’m not going to lie, when I first found this chair on Pinterest it set my heart aflutter. It’s the perfect combination of sleek and sexy, and warm and cozy. Look at her! Isn’t she a beaut? I knew the possibilities for design around this lovely being were endless but for the sake of this post I’ve narrowed it down to two ideas. I present to you, one piece, two looks: the organic edition takes on the sleek one. Please, place your votes. I, for one, am completely split down the middle. That almost never happens.

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11 Responses to “one piece, two looks.”
  1. Stuart says:

    I did a post on the DC09 chair last month… its amazing isn’t it. I love the two looks you have chosen to compliment this lovely peice of furniture :)

    • Jacquelyn says:

      it’s my new favourite piece! I believe I actually pinned it from your pinterest boards (you always have the best pins). I’ll have to go check out your post on it.

      • Stuart says:

        Thank you hun… Love your pins too… hahaha that sound abit rude, hahaha. Pinboards I mean! Hope you are having a great week. Stu :)

  2. Christina says:

    That chair is a beaut! And both inspiration boards are lovely, but I’m going to have to vote for the organic.

  3. kaylan says:

    i love that chair. it’s just perfect. and i vote for organic. my real life style definitely swings toward organic though so i’m biased.

  4. I love this column of your blog! Another great “Two Looks”.

  5. Meta Musings says:

    that chair is a gorgeous find! i love the wood stain. also, just fab inspiration boards!


  6. I love these pieces. But I love the table most. It’s lovely.

  7. Samira says:

    I love that chair!!!

  8. pau says:

    the sleekkk!!!!!

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