scenes from my weekend.

{sweet birthday notes on the bathroom mirror}{pretty packages}{the most delicious cupcakes}{sparkly dinner tables}{my moms frozen chocolate cheesecake: to die for}

Confession: I had dessert five times this weekend. The madness has got to stop! I believe it’s safe to say that I’ve exhausted the most that I possible could have out of my birthweekend. Thank you guys so so much for your comments, your tweets and your sweet birthday emails. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special. Now excuse me while I lunge & squat my way to work – I must work off these calories.

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18 Responses to “scenes from my weekend.”
  1. Chelsea says:

    Happy birthday, lady. Five desserts = perfection. xo

  2. felicia says:

    yum! there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself during your birthday weekend!

  3. Kassey K says:

    Things like this are allowed on a birthday weekend! It looked beautiful, hope you enjoyed every moment :)

  4. Kat says:

    HAPPY BELATED! and i feel you on the abundance [and indulgence] of desserts. that was me during my birthday week in september. ha, :)

  5. Christina says:

    It looks like you had a fabulous birthday weekend. I hope this year is filled with tons of happiness and success. xo

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I don’t think I have ever wished for my birthday to come sooner (ugh, getting old sucks) but I covet that sparkly plate and twisty candles so much that I wish it was my birthday now!

  7. Molly says:

    Sounds like you celebrated your 26th to it’s fullest! That bathroom mirror note made my heart melt!! Your photography is seriously amaz…

  8. Happy belated! Sounds like you had fun!

  9. happy belated birthday! We do mirror post-it notes as well. So fun!

  10. kay* says:

    happy (belated) birthday! i hope you had the most fabulous weekend – it sure sounds like you did!

  11. chanel says:

    there should never be a stopping to the madness when it’s about your birthday…or any day really! :)

  12. Erica says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Frozen chocolate cheesecake is the best and I love your swirly candles – so sweet. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today, great people seem to have October birthdays!

    I really love all your posts!

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