bits and pieces of jennifer.

Jennifer’s blog, Luster, has been a long-time favourite of mine and I’m so pleased to introduce you to her today. As a (ridiculously talented, I might add) textile designer (dream job much?) and equally amazing blogger, I’ve long admired her work. She has a beautiful aesthetic and I have no doubt that you’ll agree. From her incredible collages to stunning travel photography and documentation (a series entitled wanderlust) there’s no shortage of eye candy in her corner of the internet.

And here are some bits and pieces of Jennifer:

::A random fact::
My handwriting is never quite the same. It can really look different at times, especially depending on my mood.
::Your go-to recipe::
I love salads with avocados and been making a lot of quinoa lately. Here’s one I made recently (No.1)
::You can’t live without::
::Currently coveting::
a new bag for fall. I have loved my standby black Foley + Corinna for the last several years, but am looking for a smaller cross body bag in taupe
::Your daily reads::
A Cup of Jo, Destined to Design, Pennyweight, Honestly WTF, Miss Moss and I still love magazines. Reading Vanity Fair cover to cover is always a good time
::On your playlist::
Washed Out is perfect for lazy days
::Your favourite quote::
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi
::On your night stand::
Athena feather tray filled with all of my everyday jewelry (No.2)
::Your favourite designer::

Hard to choose just one, but Derek Lam always has great pieces and the Spring 10 Crosby collection was no exception (No.3)
::In your wishing well::
Touch down on every continent. I really hope to get to Africa or South America next. (No.4)
::Your dream home::
Lots of light, white wood, floor to ceiling windows, a view to the ocean, cozy fabrics, small gold accents, stripes, tall leafy plants, and laughter. (No.5)
::Your happy place::
Montauk, NY on the summer solstice   

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13 Responses to “bits and pieces of jennifer.”
  1. Caterine says:

    Lovely info! I just checked her page, and I’m in love too! :)


  2. classiq says:

    Lovely post! Her dream home sounds heavenly to me too. The feather tray is gorgeous.

  3. Meta Musings says:

    great interview! will have to check out her site! xx

  4. Loving that feather tray and love that she reads VF cover to cover even more. VF is pretty much my fave magazine!

  5. Love this post! Great interview! Going to check her out now :) xx

  6. remy says:

    wonderful. both of you are so talented! <3

  7. Alexa says:

    What a beautiful way to start the day reading about lovely and inspiring and pretty things and places to make our eyes and minds twinkle! You two are ever-inspiring!

  8. I’m addicted to my iPhone as well! Loved this interview!!!

  9. Claire says:

    A lovely read. I love her blog but this makes me like it a little more x

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