scenes from my weekend.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing is going wrong, but everything isn’t going all that right either? You know how it is; your dryer stops working so your top is a little damp, you just miss the bus and have to wait half an hour for the next, and then when you finally do get on there’s a big accident up ahead and you just sit there in the thick of traffic hoping that every one’s okay? Well that was Friday for us. We headed to the beaches to celebrate Canada day with sparklers and fireworks which seemed to me like a recipe for a good time. By the end of a string of strange events, ones in which made us feel as if we were in the twilight zone or a part of some hidden camera show, we just had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and call it a night. Luckily though, the fireworks did not disappoint (even if the rest of the night was more or less a bust).

On Saturday we awoke early ready to start again and headed to my cousins for a day at the pool where we proceeded to drown ourselves in refreshing mojitos. A perfect rebuttal to an otherwise disappointing Friday.

The rest of the weekend followed suit with a backyard barbecue at my moms followed by a late night bike ride to Toronto’s best ice cream shop: ed’s real scoop  – a must try for any of you that have yet to do so. With flavours like maple bacon or crème brûlée (along with standard favourites like vanilla bean and callebaut milk chocolate), I always leave satisfied.

And as a final note, I realize that I did not wish you guys a happy Canada day! For shame. I hope it was glorious. And for you American folk who are currently sipping on red, white or blue drinks, happy independence day to you!

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7 Responses to “scenes from my weekend.”
  1. Will have to check out ed’s real scoop! My husband would love the maple bacon and I would love the creme brulee!

  2. Danielle says:

    What?? Sasha and Stella didn’t make the scenes montage?? Nothing is cuter than a dog kissing a cat…nothing!

  3. Katya says:

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by my page :)

    So great to see another blogger from Toronto! Made my day! Your blog is adorable, I’m already addicted.

    Ps. Ed’s Real Scoop is AMAZING.

  4. Kat says:

    I was in Canada for Canada day and back in the states for our Independence day! I just spent 7 days at a gorgeous {friend’s} lakehouse on Lake Ahmic about 4 hrs north of Toronto. I thoroughly enjoyed my lazy week and left {rested} with a new found affection for Canada:)

    {If I ever revive my dying blog, I’ll be sure to post some of the lovely pictures I took there.}

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