scenes from my weekend.

This weekend was a particularly good one as we headed north to go white water rafting. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture any pictures of our day due to my camera not enjoying the idea of water, but know that it was an amazing adventure and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s up for a little bit of a challenge. After watching YouTube videos before departing (bad idea), I was incredibly nervous. It ended up being a lot less scary than I was expecting and I really enjoyed the whole experience. After a whirlwind, high intensity Saturday surfing the rapids, we spent the rest of the weekend at our friends cottage nearby. We hung out on the dock, napped in a hammock, spent the afternoon floating on the lake and drank a little too much beer by the campfire. All in all, it was the perfect Canadian summer weekend.

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18 Responses to “scenes from my weekend.”
  1. Mommy says:

    It looks fabulous. God for you my adventuresome daughter

  2. Mommy says:

    I mean..good for you..whew boy…

  3. Sarah Smutny says:

    Ok seriously, when can I come to visit you ;))

  4. nice!
    the SECOND half sounds perfect to me. ;)

    • Jacquelyn says:

      haha not interested in white water rafting? I only went because 18 of my friends were going and I didn’t want to feel left out. It ended up being so much fun!

  5. shinypigeon says:

    That lilo in the lake looks fantastic…especially for someone sweating her body weight off in the heat the past two days! It’s 30C here…can’t cope..can’t cope! :)

  6. freutcake says:

    I need a Canadian weekend…my American one was way to busy!

  7. jentine says:

    There is really nothing like a Canadian weekend… Sadly, we’re pretty booked solid this summer but I do hope we make it up to the lakes just for a few days of pure relaxation. And wine.

  8. jforjamie says:

    Wow! Looks so relaxing and peaceful!

  9. Meta Musings says:

    These are truly amazing photos! What a beautiful place to be! xx

  10. kay* says:

    oh so many of these photos should be enlarged, framed, and hung! Particularly love #2 and #3. Beautiful!

  11. Looks so beautiful! What a great weekend!

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