tasty treats: baked mac and cheese.

When the going gets tough, I crave good ol’ comfort food. During a particularly stressful day sometime last week, I came home with the urge to cuddle and stuff my face with some macaroni and cheese (at the same time). While there’s something to be said about drowning your sorrows in a box of good old-fashioned kraft dinner, it just doesn’t compare to making the dish from scratch. Using this recipe, we quickly got to work when we arrived home that evening. Despite the fact that it was unarguably more labour intensive than the boxed stuff, it was well worth the wait (and the calories).

images via lark + linen

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9 Responses to “tasty treats: baked mac and cheese.”
  1. Kill. Me. Now. This looks HEAVENLY.

  2. Oh, it’s perfect! Reminds me home. There’s a lot of cheese and pasta here in Rome, but nothing as close to my heart as this.

  3. annawithlove says:

    this food looks incredible! love it

  4. Ok, this looks amazing.. and I absolutely love your blog!

  5. bridget says:

    holy crap that looks good.

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