trevor tondro.

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I have some bad news, friends. My scenes from my weekend will be null and void for today. I mistakenly forgot my camera in my cousins car on Saturday evening and as a result I have nothing to show for myself until I see her later this week. My apologies for now, but next week I will make up for it! For the moment, please enjoy some incredible interiors photographed by the talented Trevor Tondro, and know that the weekend was great. Movies, restaurants, foggy evenings out, sunday brunches, oh my. I hope that yours, too, was just as wonderful!

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CATEGORIES | Art & Design, Interior Design
4 Responses to “trevor tondro.”
  1. No apologies necessary- this collection of photos was amazing- loved every shot!

  2. Christine says:

    I love that orange little nook!! I wish I had one of those on my patio!

    Happy Monday to you :)

  3. The Zhush says:

    Great round up regardless!

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