house envy.

found via Two Tall Blondes via D Magazine

This house had me stopped dead in my tracks when I stumbled upon it the other day. As you may have noticed (if it wasn’t glaringly obvious), I generally tend to be drawn to crisp, clean, white spaces. The deep, dark colours and rich textures of this home, however, have me rethinking my previous case of white-syndrome. Of course, it helps that there are little pops of it sprinkled throughout.

post summary: I have a serious case of house envy.

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8 Responses to “house envy.”
  1. Miranda says:

    Lovely blog! I love the clean look of this house

  2. laviedevi says:

    Haha I have white-syndrome too! It just makes the room so much clean, open, and inviting. And then you can add in pops of color with the furniture and decor :)

  3. Julie Maryse says:

    definitely one of my fav’s so far!

  4. Staley Mc says:

    This house is beautiful! So dreamy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh shiz. i still can’t handle it.

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